Tuesday, February 7, 2017

RootsTech 2017 about to start- live streaming available

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

ROOTSTECH (Salt Lake City) is about to begin.............  people are pouring into town .... I have seen more new faces at the library today. Boy the library is going to be very crowded all week. Oh duh!! Good to see everyone. 

Who will be coming from Roots Cellar SGS? I'm here looking for you. 

If you are not able to make it, there are many FREE live streaming sessions. Take advantage of technology and the experience these speakers will be sharing with all of us.

Go to  LIVE STREAMING Schedue to see the entire live streaming schedule.....  then at the appropriate time just go to ROOTSTECH  - you will find the live streaming will be right there on the main page, ENJOY!! 

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Shopping Saturday -- Research @SUTRO LIBRARY or N.A.R.A.

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

AGAIN, An Opportunity for Family Research and fairly local

 Wednesday, March 30  - $35/members AND $45/non-members

GAS's (Genealogical Association of Sacramento) Annual Trip to Sutro Library 

................but this year there is a little twist or a big ripple 


THE TWIST/RIPPLE this year is that you will have a choice of where you want to do your research for the day....... -do your research at  NARA (The National Archives at San Francisco) OR Sutro Branch of the California State Library?  What an amazing opportunity!! 

Time to sign up for the bus trip is now.......  the urgency is if the bus is not full the trip will be cancelled. This is such a great opportunity ......  someone else doing the driving and parking, You have the excitement of doing your own research and sharing that find with others that DO understand what you are feeling............ 

SIGN UP NOW..........  
Contact Melanie Howard  of GAS (Genealogical Association of Sacramento) for details and to sign up for the trip    melnesia@comcast.net or 916-383-1221  

Send your check made out to *Genealogical Assoc of Sac or (GAS) to 
*Melanie Howard, 7345 Pritchard Rd, Sacramento CA 95828
*Be sure to include your phone number and  pick up spot  

Did you know that Sutro Library moved several years back? The Sutro Library, the San Francisco branch of the California State Library, is located on the 5th floor of the J. Paul Leonard-Sutro Library on the San Francisco State University Campus.
  • Some of the genealogy holdings: California federal census population schedules for 1850-1930.  --1852 state census, including indexes prepared by the Daughters of the American Revolution. -- Great registers of voters, arranged by county, for 1866-1898 and 1900-1944. -- A statewide index to the 1890 great register helps to fill the gap created by the loss of the 1890 census. --City and county directories from as early as 1850. -- Telephone directories starting in 1899. --Historical newspapers from around the state  --Publications of county genealogical and historical societies. -- Compilations by California chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution. -- Specialized indexes and files created by the California State Library. --A California death index covering July 1, 1905-1995 and a California marriage index covering 1949-1986.  -- The California State Library DOES NOT have birth, death, or marriage certificate
The holdings of the National Archives at San Francisco include over 70,000 cubic feet of original records dating from the 1850s to the 1980s, with a limited number of records as recent as the early 2000s.  The National Archives at San Francisco, located in our San Bruno facility, has extensive microfilm holdings of value for genealogy research, including: --Federal population censuses for all States, 1790-1930 --Indexes for the 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses (indexes are not available for all census years and all states) --Censuses listing residents of American Samoa and Native Americans in California and Nevada --Records documenting the removal of Cherokees and other tribes included in Oklahoma Removal, ca. 1900  --Passenger arrival records for the port of San Francisco  --Indexes to naturalization records from Federal courts in Honolulu, Reno (NV) and San Francisco  --Maritime records for San Francisco and other ports  --Revolutionary war military service records --Early pension and bounty land warrant applications Galveston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco; -- naturalization records. AND MORE

Do you know what each offers? Find Out! Check each of them out and see.....  but don't miss out on this opportunity to do some family research with others of like mind.

Click on the links above and see what each facility has to offer for your research.........keep in mind that all their resources are not just California.............  

Details of the day.......... 
--leave at 7AM and arrive home Approx. 7:30 PM
--pick up points are: Massie Circle (South Sacramento), Arden Fair Area,          No pick up at West Sacramento this year, Mace Blvd Park & Ride in Davis, and Vacaville at Alamo Plaza
--cost -$45.00 for non members and $35.00 members of GAS
--serving Starbucks coffee, donuts, fruit and water on board
--Raffle prizes and lots of fun.

SIGN UP NOW..........  
Contact Melanie Howard  of GAS (Genealogical Association of Sacramento) for details and to sign up for the trip    melnesia@comcast.net or 916-383-1221  

Send your check made out to *Genealogical Assoc of Sac or (GAS) to 
*Melanie Howard, 7345 Pritchard Rd, Sacramento CA 95828
*Be sure to include your phone number and  pick up spot   

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: WHO is in Our Preserves? a stranger or a friend you have not met yet......

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

It is such a small world....  while attending SLIG in January, during the week long session "US Records", while participating in the research group for the class was Mary Kircher Roddy ... she was one of four in our project group for the class.

Her name was familiar but couldn't place it ((I am sure you have been there before yourself) ... we became friends through out the week and exchanged ideas and shared experiences and did a couple of happy dances together in the library. Oh those happy dances!! Mary live in the Seattle, Washington area so that would not be the connection.

As soon as I mentioned Root Cellar SGS, she knew the connection..........

 "October 2015 Root Cellar PRESERVES Volume 37 No. 3 'Read ‘em or Weep – Finding Your Family in Historic Newspapers By Mary Kircher Roddy" and there was the connection......  a written article in our own RC Preserves..... if you as a member have not read it or don't remember it, or need to refresh, I would suggest going back and read it. Very informative about finding newspaper articles. There are lots of good resources to help... (sorry you need to be a member to see this article)  Thank you so much Mary........

Since SLIG Mary created a new blog "Searching Stories" . She says it is a lot of fun to research and write the posts. AND oh boy, I can second that!!

Mary has a good background in genealogy. While in Salt Lake City I found her to be a very good researcher. I have since found her name on several other events including a Legacy Webinar. Do you remember that one? With my membership with Legacy I may go back in re-watch this one again, since I am trying to find living descendants also known as COUSINS. AGAIN, thanks Mary.

.........and she will be teaching at Jamboree in Burbank in June 2016.........  topic looks very interesting to me.

SUNDAY- SU012 Read 'em or Weep: Promise and Pitfalls in Newspaper OCR 
Learn where to find free and pay newspaper sites online. Understand how to put OCR mistakes to work for you to increase search results. Level: All. (Mary Kircher Roddy

About Mary

So this is just a little more about an author in our PRESERVES who began as a stranger at a conference I attended.... As I said at the beginning what a small world...  you never know who you will meet, who is the person sitting on your right? or on your left at the next conference you attend? Who is the person sitting next to you at the next class you attend? A very small world.......... so next time you take a class or attend a conference, take time to introduce yourself, you could be sitting next to a distant cousin.......

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tech Tuesday - Ending of RootsTech 2016

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

As the sun sets on RootsTech 2016, over 25,000 attendees made the whole long weekend worthwhile and wanting for more.............. many continued in the evenings to research their family lines at the Family History Library- lots of very happy dances going on from floor to floor to floor....... the best part of that was that everyone around them understood what that meant and could join in the dance. 

I was not able to attend RootsTech this year but I will be there in 2017....  I did watch most of the live streaming sessions that were offered...  DID YOU?  ........included:  Best Websites & Apps for Local History; Virtual Family Reunions; Finding Elusive Records in FamilySearch; Ancestor Searches in Britain; Photography & Photos; Master Searches in Ancestry; Google Searching..........  Got something out of each session. Glad I took the time to watch........

RootsTech held in Salt Lake City was a big success. Many more thousands attended this year than last year. 25,000 people registered from all 50 states and 39 countries........ 7,000 attendees were under the age of 18. It was estimated that 150,000 people viewed the live streaming sessions offered; over 100 bloggers from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and all over the United States.  It was hosted by FamilySearch, official sponsors included: Ancestry.com, findmypast, MyHeritage, PeopleFinders, Family Storytelling, BYUtv, Backblaze, Dell, Mocavo, Pictureline, Lexmark, RootsPoint, FGS, NGS, APG, NEHGS; over 200 exhibitors and vendors with booths and displays in the Expo Hall; over 50 competitors for the Innovator Showdown.......  this is a very diversified conference with something for everyone, every age group. 

Mark your calendar for the 2017 RootsTech in Salt Lake City    .....     February 8-11, 2017

Now for a little review of RootsTech 2016 in pictures............

Family History Library/Salt Lake City - the place to be

GeneaBlogger ultimate site for your genealogy blog - an online community created by Thomas MacEntee
Do you remember he was our Seminar Speaker ? 

Party Time.....  Pat Richy (Dear Myrtle) and Thomas MacEntee

Bloggers Unite!!

Mark Your Calendars, Save these dates and Be sure to attend next year............

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Mobile Monday - PERISCOPE

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

NO NO not 'Up Periscope' but just 'PERISCOPE'

It is a new app (new to me) that Lisa Louise Cooke introduced me to on her blog. Lisa is the creator of Genealogy Gems. A blog worth following and a website worth visiting and joining.

Anyway in a recent post she said she was going to do some live streaming sessions from her booth on the exhibit floor at RootsTech. She would be using an app called Periscope. It could be downloaded free from the App store and/or Google Play........  so I did. I signed in and searched for Lisa and clicked on follow. When the time came I opened my app and it showed the sessions available which was, 'Google Power Strategies" I clicked on it and was able to watch the entire session on my iphone. She went through so much good new information that I needed to watch it again....... so if you are interested you can still go and download it and register and watch it now. But there may be a time limit on it, not sure of that.

Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the world. Going live will instantly notify your followers who can join, comment and send you hearts in real time. The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen.

Other features for watchers:
REPLAY: When your broadcast is over, you can make it available for replay so viewers can watch later.   
HEARTS: Hearts are a fun, easy way to let the broadcaster know you're enjoying the broadcast. Tap the screen to share the love!

..........she also told us about another web browser DOLPHIN that she really likes and also works well with Evernote. Lisa went through a lot of the great benefits. Really something I am going to try it out. I have downloaded it on my iphone. Some other apps she talked about: AppsGoneFree (shows you apps that are free for a period of time- check it each day); Retype: What's App (something to do with telephone calls); ScannerPro.........  some free - some paid. (if you watch this session from RootsTech you will learn about them)

AND she is just releasing her new book: MOBILE GENEALOGY. Lisa is always very detailed & complete so I am sure this book is right up to date with a lot of great stuff..........

Thank You Lisa

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Surname Saturday - FREE US Marriages Collection @ Findmypast through Feb 15

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner-Benward

   now is the time to take advantage of this great FREE offer and see what you can find for your family records.

In 2016/17, Findmypast will be releasing the largest online collection of US marriage records, spanning centuries of American history and over 100 million "I do's". As part of this project, Findmypast has launched the first 33 million records of this collection and is offering them to the public for FREE from now until 15 February.

The complete collection (when finished)  is described as ... .... US marriages collection spans 350 years of American history - 1650-2010 - and comprises over 100 million records, 450+ million names from 2,800 of the 3,000 counties in the United States. Within the records you can discover the Bride & Groom’s ages, occupations, place of residence and even find out about the parents and witnesses at the wedding to help expand your family tree further.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Follow Friday - JAMBOREE 2016

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Southern California Genealogical Society
presents the 

June 2-5 2016 
Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel
Burbank California

                Genetic Genealogy 2016  
Future of the Past: Genetic Genealogy 2016                              Thursday
                          June 2, 2016
there are other workshops, and labs being offered instead of the Genetic Conference- always something to do.


Southern California Genealogy JamboreeGiving to the Future by Preserving the Past
              Friday - Sunday
               June 3-5, 2016

Yes it that time again to start thinking about what you will be doing during the 2016 year........  lots of different genealogy conferences coming up.............  The Jamboree in Burbank is a long weekend of social events, classes, hands-on, demo's, lab sessions, Exhibit hall and so much more........and it is local for us. Yes local - less than a  day drive or less than an hour flight. 

If you are interested in attending, you need to at least make your hotel reservations. The Marriott fills up quickly. Then you need to go the website and see what is being offered and register. Then decide how you are going to get there - drive or fly. Maybe there are others that will be attending you can tag along with them, and/or room with others.  

See you there............  I have registered, I have my hotel room at the Marriott's and I have my room mate. ........  we will be driving down. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about the JAMBOREE........

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