Monday, April 20, 2015

Motivation Monday- SHOW Off That Family Treasure & TELL The Story- James Bratt

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

...........and here is another of many 'members shared items' from our February Show N Tell. Enjoy!!

Introducing member James Bratt 

James says: "I brought a simple grandparent history book bought at a stationary store. It was completed by my father for his granddaughter.  He took quite an interest in it and added photos and when a question didn't apply - he rewrote the question so he could use the space.  It was in his handwriting, which became important, as you'll see.  The book not only was used to help my daughter with her genealogical assignment, but has helped me in my research.  But an additional significance came after my father passed, and I filed a wrongful death suit (asbestos related) on behalf of my mother.  The book became a significant part of the suit because he had written down all the places he had lived, all the jobs he had, his hobbies, and many other items that remaining family members did not know or remember. 

This is a partial page of two pages of index....... two pages of questions

See how James father just  added what he wanted - a picture on this page

Jobs along the way

This is an enlargement of the page above.......... when you get to the blacksmith you will know he was only being teen years............... now that is a young boy out in the world, taking care of himself

just interesting knowing things don't change, except I am just the opposite 

There are lots of pages in this book that just contain handwriting. Lovely lovely handwriting. 

What do you think? I think this is an excellent idea for any parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle for that matter too. If you get a book or two now and fill it in slowly you are apt to fill in more and enjoy the assignment more as opposed to thinking you have to fill all the pages in right away. Just take it page by page. AND if a page question does not apply cross it out and write something else. What a great gift, something truly from the heart.

Thank you James for sharing this booklet and allowing me to share it with others............ 

 James Bratt

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Society Saturday- Extraction Committee Does It Again

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Our Extraction Committee, headed by Marilyn Ulbricht, has done it again. Another Publication has been published and added to our list of publication for sale online. As we finish any publication we always present one copy back to our partner Center for Sacramento History.

A whole group of members from Root Cellar SGS work on these documents, books, and papers weekly and turn them out in a form to help researchers. We work every Friday morning at the Center for Sacramento History from 9-noon. If you would like to join us and help please contact Marilyn Ulbricht  NOTE: if you don't have every Friday come on the Friday's you can. If Friday does not work for you I am sure Marilyn can help you work on another day at the Center. There are lots of options, you just need to ask
We can always use more help........ that just means that more items are being extracted, or indexed.

HEAR YE! HEAR YE!...........  get your copy hot off the press!!!

Here we are together again and celebrating another completed publication........ YEA!! 
Here we are again, presenting a copy of the newest publication to the Center for Sacramento History
Pat Johnson, Archivist and Volunteer Coordinator

                   Sad circumstances but now fun reading.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday- SHOW off that family treasure & TELL the story- Glenda Gardner-Lloyd

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

...........and here is another of many 'members shared items' from our February Show N Tell. Enjoy!!

I don't think this member needs any introduction because most of you know Glenda Gardner-Lloyd, a Founding Member, Past President and now Parliamentarian, Teacher, Speaker and very active in the society. And if you didn't know her now you do. 

Glenda came to Show N Tell evening as a member with her precious family heirlooms in hand ready to show and tell...... She was also our speaker for the evening, speaking on Heirloom Wisdom....... and she hosted the Show N Tell event. Wow, I am exhausted. Thank you Glenda for all you do. We do appreciate you.

The arrowheads were all found on the ranch in Modoc County. Only the red and black obsidian are native stone to the area. The very small arrowheads were probably for birds. The long thin one in the middle is an awl.

 I put them into a frame about 38 years ago.

sorry for the glare but you can get a much better look at these wonderful treasures
So you ask, Where is Modoc County?  Hint:  it borders Oregon and Nevada- way north

 If you are interested in finding out more about this County and the artifacts that Glenda brought check out the links below..............

Modoc County, California

and more about Modoc County

Western Artifacts

Here is a 1895 map of Modoc County......... 

Hummmm! Wonder where Glenda's Family Ranch is located? Nothing sounds familiar to me except for Alturas.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Ancestry Immigration Records -Free this weekend

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

ATTENTION Root Cellar Members.........

Ancestry is hosting an open access period to all of our immigrationrecords! 

The database will be open between April 16 to April 20. 

Good Luck in your search..............

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Mystery Monday - SHOW off that family treasure & TELL the story - Paula Parmelee

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

...........and here is another of many 'members shared items' from our February Show N Tell. Enjoy!!

Let me introduce you to Paula Parmelee......  

Paula has written up one of the family storys from all of her research on her Chaves great grandparents. You can see her pride in her smile. 

Paula: I wanted to share my notebook at show and tell, it represents the work and joy it took to find my great grandparents. I'd met my great grandmother once as a child but didn't really know anything about her which was quite unlike the relationship I had with my maternal grandparents and extended family.

Paula begins.................. My two sisters and I grew up believing our last name was Schaff and our father’s family was of German descent. We didn’t have family stories other than those of our father growing up poor in Denver. We didn’t go visit our father’s relatives like we did our mother’s. We just figured our father’s family wasn’t close and let it go at that. The things we thought we knew about our father and his family changed in 1975 when our mother relayed to us a story she had been told by our estranged father many years before. His family surname was actually CHAVEZ, from New Mexico, and they were Spanish not Mexican. The story goes that when our grandfather, Philip Schaff, Sr., was 8 years old  he, his mother and his siblings were kicked off the family ranch in New Mexico. They moved to Colorado, changed their last name and grandpa went to work to help support the family. How terrible!

We had many questions but no one to answer them. After the divorce of our parents we had lost contact with all of our father’s family. What to do? I found myself wanting to discover as much as I could about our family. But pre-computers and the internet, that research took time, time I did not have while raising four active children. Fast forward to 2011, I decided it was time to start looking for our Chavez family. I began by learning how to research by working on my mother’s and my husband’s family trees. Both families were very well documented and I figured, if I ran into difficulties, I had experienced family researchers who could help me out. By 2012, I was ready to research the Chavez family. 

...........  YES! research she did, lots of twists and turns but Paula broke down all those brickwalls and wrote the story........

........and.this story continues in the pages of a coming issue of Root Cellar Preserves publication. And I find it very exciting to have your family story published so that it lives on and on..... imagine 25 years from now one of Paula's descendants in Allen County Library / Genealogy Dept......... or  Family History Center in Salt Lake City, or at the California State Archives, Sacramento at the Root Cellar Library.........  looking through a Root Cellar Preserves Publication with your family story. WOW!!  

Paula: A treasure of mine, a photo of Donaciana, my grandmother, was taken about 1900. It is the first photo of someone that looks like me, or I look like her. I realized that in all my life I never saw a photo of someone I resembled. I certainly did not look like my mother’s people. That was okay, I looked like my father’s people. I just did not have any contact with them. It is amazing to have friends and family look at Donaciana’s picture, look at me, look back and say that’s you, except for the eyes, that’s you. I found my family. What a great story and many many brickwalls crumbled too. Great Job Paula.........

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sentimental Sunday - The Rest of the Day - 2015 Spring Seminar

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner-Benward & photos from Judy Nissila

This is a continuation from yesterday....  yesterday you looked at pictures of before the Seminar doors open.

                                                            Root Cellar 2015 Spring Seminar in photos
             THE DOORS ARE OPEN NOW............. sit back & enjoy!

starting at Registration................   

registration friendly and organized

looking through their packet, filling out forms for drawings and getting familiar with area

there is always a massive amount of people oooogling the raffle baskets
........... and now is the time to purchase those raffle tickets and they do!!  Plus shop the vendors and bargain book table. Lots to do, but if you didn't get to something in the morning, there are breaks, lunch and after. 

President and Co-Chair of Seminar Diane Maltase opens the day up with 'welcome' and announcements
                                       It is finally time for the day to begin

            introducing speaker D. Joshua Taylor

             ........and here are only a couple lucky basket winners
                             Double Winner? Yes that's right........  two baskets won by one lucky lady
                        Another very Lucky winner.....  it's Linda Lucky ....  she is always a winner

.......and that is the wrap up of Root Cellar's 2015 Spring Seminar. Hope you enjoyed both days of pictures. If you attended, hope you had a good time. If you didn't make it this year "too bad you missed out" but there is always next year......  yes, the committee is already evaluating, going over notes and getting ready to start plans for 2016.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Society Saturday - Spring Seminar 2015 Sucessfull!

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward- photos taken by Judy Nissila... Thank You!

Another very successful Spring Seminar has ended.. This year's speaker was D. Joshua Taylor.
It was a warm day, NO rain or wind.........plenty of parking, new was a good day.

As you know OR maybe don't know, there is a lot of  pre-planning and a great deal of organizing goes on from the time a seminar ends and the next one begins............... you want to ensure a successful event......... the pictures below will tell the story..........  A big thanks to the Co-Chairs Diane Maltese and Denise Miller and to ALLLLLLLLLL the many many volunteers. Without them nothing would happen.

So lets look behind the scenes and 
              see what is going on before any participants come                                      through the doors..... 

the early morning crew....(they look too happy for morning time)......  getting the signs put up, reserve area for speaker, for lunch delivery.
Helping with parking is a big job

parking this way.........  next!

Registration!  They are ready whenever they are given the word.....

Hall looks like it is ready for the day...........  Can you see all the raffle baskets across the back?  Did you win one?

Heads together.......... Raffle ticket table.......  lets get this on going.........

Here is one of the 15 raffle baskets waiting to be won.

...........and another raffle basket waiting to be won. These are all huge baskets with lots and lots of goodies.

Members are getting the Root Cellar table ready with copies of all our publications, tote bags, t-shirts, charts and more

ah YES, the finishing touch for the Root Cellar table - our California Poppy's
the bargain book table all set to go ......$1 each........  all genealogy related

........ and what is a seminar without vendors and we have them too..............  Our Family Tree -charts

...and more vendors  Cox Black & White- photos

......... book vendors are a must
If you don't have a super kitchen crew you are really in trouble but we never worry about that.........
good morning snacks, excellent lunches and then afternoon snacks.
Can't ever say you were hungry at one of our seminars. 

AND these days you cannot do anything without a techie on hand........ and we have a good one or two.
technology rules.
Rick is getting Josh all set up for the beginning of the day.

Oh my goodness, it is still so early and yet seminar goers are already lining up  OPEN OPEN OPEN

So you can see a lot of the behind the scene tasks were done right after last years seminar ended, and then months ago, last week and the day before and maybe even the day of the seminar........ it takes a chair and many volunteers, a lot of patience, some creativity, and lots of publicity.  Thanks to everyone!

So we are about to open the doors and let everyone in....... 
who attended? how many? who won? 

COME BACK TOMORROW to see the rest of the day ...............

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