Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Who's Who? Surnames Please!

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Name Badge & Swingers - a really great ice breaker anywhere you go for Research, Conferences and Events.

This is Root Cellar SGS's name badge. It is optional but I find it so useful and beneficial. People are always stopping me to ask about it. Some want to take a picture of it to take back to their group and others look over the surnames .......  I have lots of matches with my Smith's, Jones and James...... but not the same family. In anyone is interested in the company we use please feel free to contact me.........

The small round gold 5 year pin is something the Center of Sacramento History gave me this last year for my volunteering for extractions..... since I just have 9 years in mid year 2014 I received the 5 year pin........ next year the 10 year pin.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Motivation Monday -- FGS/RootsTech Conference

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-

The 'two in one' FGS/RootsTech Conference is right around the corner. Who's going? Let me know if you will be in Salt Lake City. Love to get together if time permits and discuss what you have been doing at the conference. Love to see you there. 

Going to FGS Conference in February? 
Time to start getting organized and get that To-do list updated.

Something that we all need to think about during those l o n g hours at the LIBRARY

food & drink & exercise. 

I know you think I'll just wait till the end of the night and then eat. You say to yourself, I won't be coming back till next year I need all the time I can get to research. AND it is all true and that is what I use to say - I have learned when I sit there for hours on end, it is very difficult to get up. It makes me more tired, achy, & sluggish. This ole body is not what it use to be...... I need to get up and move around at least every hour. It only makes sense. I believe it also helps you to stay awake. When you just sit at the table reading and playing with your computer or work those microfilm or fisch machines you get tired and achy - get up and move around. Take a few minutes to use the rest rooms, refresh, get a drink of water. Carry some energy bars, peanut butter crackers, popcorn or other snacks with you - take 10 minutes, go down stairs and eat something. 

.....and if all else fails, do some exercises right at your desk..... DESKERCISE 33 suggestions

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Follow Friday: Updating the Two in One Conference All in One Location

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

FGS - RootsTech two in one Conference all in ONE place is right around the corner............ if you have not registered yet and are still thinking about it you are lucky..........  the deadline for early bird registration has been extended till Monday January 26, 2015. Take advantage of the lower price. After Monday the registration will start going up and up.

Look who is coming .....  who will be attending for keynote speakers and entertainment for the Conferences. Plus all the classes, workshops offered PLUS the availability of the LIBRARY. How could you go wrong?

The Conference APP is out and available......  I love it. I've made some decisions about what classes, workshops. luncheons, and extra activities plus the LIBRARY research. I put it all in the app and it keeps track of where I should be at any given time. Actually I usually try to pick a class and then a back up in case that room is full or cancelled.

Conference Mobile App   This is the APP and below is what you see when you open the app.
 As you can see there is a lot to it. You open the Conference Schedule and pick your sessions, plus luncheons, keynote speaker events and extra events. Now when you open the MY SCHEDULE you will only see the items you choose. It is a simple process but very helpful. A very helpful conference tool.This is really worth downloading on your phone plus it is FREE.

I have been trying to decide on classes and it is tough in some cases because you are looking through two complete catalog's for the same space for the 4 days.

MY SCHEDULE - it is written with a good old fashion pencil & a large eraser........ 
OK here goes- Society Day, Wednesday :  Engaging Your Long Distance Membership/ Jen Baldwin; New Kid on the Block: Embarrassing Your Society's  New Members/ Josh Taylor; Creating a Dynamic Genealogy Education / Rorey Cathcart; Tips for Robust Society Websites/ Cyndi Ingle; Social Media/ Rorey Cathcast

Thursday-  Organization for Genealogists OR Family History On the Go OR Telling Stories: Digital Scrapbooking; Free Online Tools for British Research OR Research Australia Online; Pinning Your Family History; Finding Those Living Cousins

Friday- German Genealogy on the Internet; Jumping the Pond; Fraternal Organizations; Lesser Known Sources.........

Saturday- LAB/ Google Docs; Ancestry Mobile World OR Google Images/Photos; Don't Forget the Dead Ends; LAB/ Evernote

Of course this is not set in stone and won't be because I can always change my mind at any time. Only the two labs are extra and at a fee, so I will be going to those for sure.

So you can see there are so many choices..........  so much available. I have written down classes by some presenters I have never heard before and that to me is a good thing.

AND I have not even mentioned the Exhibit Hall. Usually a very large exhibit hall with so much more going is like a whole show in itself. ....  they will have a Society Showcase display in the exhibit hall -- we have sent in brochures to let people know we are here and to see what we have to contribute. SO when do you fit this into the schedule?  It really is worth going to the Exhibit Hall too but WHEN?.

So three things: you need to wear comfy practical shoes, don't forget to eat & drink lots of water; and have lots and lots of patience. 
Patience and laughter will be your friend to get your through the week. 

I will be posting from the Conference..........  so stay tuned 'Feb 11th will be here before you know it.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday - 7th Cousins Once Removed Meet

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

It happened! It happened to me. Boy am I in shock and very surprised but it is true. I found a new cousin. So let me go back to the beginning.......

I attend the Southern California JAMBOREE each year in Burbank, California in mid June. I make a point of wearing my Root Cellar SGS t-shirt especially on Society Day but some of the other days too. Along with the t-shirt, I wear my name badge and swingers.......  others can  see a lot of the surnames I am looking for. The left line of swingers are my fathers line and the right line is my mothers line.....  it really is a great ice breaker. I wear it for day conferences, local conferences and conferences across the country. I do have people stopping me to get a better look at the names and the badge itself and to ask where we get them made........  as I say it is a great ice breaker. People take picture of the front and back because they want to take it back to their society and show it in hopes they can get them made.                                                                                                      

Anyway, there I am in Burbank at the JAMBOREE just going from class to class when I was stopped by a lady who was so excited when she saw the surname BRISTOL on my swingers. [that would be my mothers mothers side] Her name is Jeane Berry. We talked for a couple of minutes, exchanged info and planned to get together again while at the conference.  Several hours later she was calling me to ask which Bristol was mine and she was going through her tree in her hotel room. I was in a class at the time, so I called her back later. We finally got together later that evening.......... with family trees in hand the search was on for the common ancestor........  and finally there it was HENRY BRISTOL in New Haven, Connecticut. This was our common ancestor. Henry had 14 children ...........  the 10th child Daniel was Jeane's line and mine was the 13th child Eliphalet. HOW EXCITING!!

Sandra Gardner-Benward & Jeane Berry - new 7th Cousins Once Removed

Henry Bristol is                OUR 7th Great Grandfather 
Jeane and I are 7th cousins once removed

The kicker is the JAMBOREE is in southern California, in Burbank. I live in Citrus Heights just outside of Sacramento in the northern area of the state and Jeane lives in Lincoln which is just a few miles up the road from my home. But we didn't meet till we left our homes and went to Burbank. I find that very funny.......

Next step will be connecting with DNA tests.................. I have done the family finder and the autosomal and 23andme. Jeane has done the family finder and autosomal....  so we will see what happens there. I do have several matches right now on both Ancestry and FTDNA but can't find the common ancestor yet. how many more people are living right around me that may be related and we have no awareness of each other.


Henry Britstol/ Lydia Brown [7th Great Grandparents]

Henry & Lydia's children (11 total of 14)
     first 3 children were from his first marriage_ Rebecca ?

Rebecca (m: Zaccheus Candee)
Lydia  (m;: Joseph Smith)
John   (m: Mercy Mansfield)
Mary (m: Jobamah Gunn)
Hannah (m: Thomas Hine)
Sarah    (m: Stephen Hine)
Abigail  (m: Daniel Terrill)
Daniel (m:Hester Sperry)
Eliphalet (m: Esther Peck)
Henry (m: Desire Smith)

Boy! you just never know what will happen 
                                              when you put yourself out there. 
                                   You just never know.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Society Saturday -- Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness is BACK

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

The website closed in 2011 but it is back.........  it is back! I am so excited to see it back and running. 

What in the world am I talking about? 

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

Go and check it out, lots to read and then sign up to help..........  never know what you will learn from helping someone else. You will find a lot of information for those that are looking for help and for those looking to help. It is a great idea for both sides. 

It is an all volunteer global organization........  when you sign up and volunteer you agree to do a free genealogy research task at least once per month in your local area as an act of kindness. There use to be as many as 4000 volunteers ready to help in all parts of the world AND so the organizers are trying to encourage volunteers to come back and new ones to sign up.

Is one of those new volunteers YOU? 

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday --We're Related? Yes, We Are Related.

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward with help from Marilyn Richter-Ulbricht, Charlene Harvey-Eberwine and Toni Couch-Ryan

You always dream about being somewhere and you actually run into a living descendant. Someone you don't know but run into each other and discover just by chance that you are related. It seems a long shot but it does happen. AND it has happened just lately to two of our members of Root Cellar SGS.

Our extraction committee meets every Friday morning at the Center for Sacramento History. We are a pretty close knit group and follow each others adventures,trips and vacations.


During one Friday morning at the Center ....

As we were all gathering on a Friday morning to begin our ritual of extraction members are greeting each other and welcoming others back from breaks or vacations. Linda (Johnson)Wensrich  was talking to Charlene Harvey) Eberwine about her Boston trip. We were all very interested in the details of her trip. Charlene mentioned she had ancestors from Newbury, Massachusetts by the surname of COFFIN.                                                     Toni and Charlene                                                                                        
As a member of Colonial Dames of the XVII Century, Toni (Couch) Ryan has been immersed in genealogy for the last 4 years or so in order to provide proof that she descends from immigrants to the original colonies of America.  She had spent numerous hours researching her COFFIN ancestry, so was very familiar with that surname!.

The two Coffin women then “compared notes”, "searched their family trees" and discovered that they share a 9th great-grandfather, Tristram Coffyn [Coffin] (1608-1681).  He came to Massachusetts from England in 1642.  Toni told some of the interesting history of Tristram and his family with her new-found ninth cousin once removed.  The Coffin name is still well known in some areas of Massachusetts.  Tristram was one of the original owners of the Island of Nantucket.  In 1659 he headed up a consortium of 20 men (including 2 of his sons and a son-in-law and a GREENLEAF ancestor of Charlene’s) who purchased Nantucket for the whopping amount of thirty pounds, two beaver hats, one for the seller himself and one for the seller’s wife!   Tristram Coffyn’s ancestry has been traced to Sir Richard Coffyn, Knight, who accompanied William the Conqueror to England in the year 1066.  As a result, the manor of Alwington in the County of Devon, England was assigned to Sir Richard.  There’s no doubt that Toni and Charlene have a very deep ROOT CELLAR! [sorry chart is not readable in this shot]

What a great story! It pays to get involved. It pays to talk to people about your family and your finds. It pays to listen to what others are talking about, you never know where their ancestors are from or who they are.

Be open, listen and talk to others.

Have you met a new 'someone' you are related too? Want to share?                                          Send to Sandi

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Talented Tuesday - Where Did I Put Those Photos?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Let me introduce you to another very talented member, Marsha (McAlexander) Wise. Thank You for sharing.............

Marsha did a little "show & tell" of her own and appropriate for the January Meeting subject-  Photo Books.

For Christmas 2014 she created 5 collage blankets for a grandchild and 4 great grandchildren. ........  these blankets are filled with family photos. AND they loved the gift. The one she showed was  a beautiful blanket with great clear crisp photos. We were all very impressed.

I am so impressed with this blanket of Marsha's. The material is a very high quality very soft cotton. The children and grandchildren can just wrap themselves up and get lots of hugs from family anytime. What a very thoughtful gift also.

I cannot stress how beautiful this is and how soft it is ........ something you will just have to take my word on.

This was created online at Below you will see  their home page. It looks pretty straight forward. Create your own account - NAME and EMAIL & password.

I believe Marsha decided on her project and then simply downloaded all the pictures she thought she MIGHT use. You don't have to use them all. In fact you can use this website as a storage area too.                            

Only three tabs at the top  HOME, PRODUCTS and PROJECTS.    

One Two Three Ready to Go!!!
You are looking at the home page. As you go down the page you will see some advertising and some discounted items.

I registered. It was easy and painless.(upper right hand corner) Right away it offered me a 40% coupon for my next project. I clicked YES and it was sent to my email box.
......and as you can see you can start a new project right away by clicking 1. DESIGN and continue. You can also reach the same place by clicking on the PROJECT tab at top.........

These are the items they offer under the Products tab: Photo blankets, photo books, photo calendars, photo canvass, custom wrapping paper, photo posters, photo pillows, rolled canvass, phone/tablet cases, photo cards, canvass panels, photo beach towels, photo mugs, photo mouse pads, photo shower curtains, custom ornaments, bamboo custom prints, aluminum photo prints, photo tote bags---  I think if you don't find something you like to put a photo on in this offering you aren't really trying or you just aren't interested.

Marsha gave us this little tip : go to LivingSocial to get coupon code for discounts. 
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