Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Turning 90?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner-Benward

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society has this great little ritual of celebrating 90th birthdays of its members. And another one has turned 90 last month. At our February General Meeting we celebrated with cake, punch, and the birthday song.

                                                    Happy 90th Birthday
                          Frank WILPER


            The first corner piece with all the extra frosting goes to the birthday boy.......  oh yummy!!!

Thanks to all the elves for putting the whole event together.

Born 21 January 1924 in Salmon, Lemhi Court, Idaho to Frank and Margaret (Hanlon) WILPER. Frank served in the Army Air Force. 15 October 1949 married Irene QUENZER in Boise, Idaho. They started a family and the children started families.

In 1990, he visited Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society which was meeting in the Carmichael Public Library. In 1995, he felt the calling and was elected Vice President and in 1996 he was elected Treasurer. Her remained Treasurer for 17 years until last year when he said ENOUGH. Frank was involved in the extraction of the California Homestead Act Records for Sacramento County 1860-1929. (Index of 11 books and boxes of original records) Thank You Frank - great job.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Motivation Monday - Virginia is the Place to Be in May

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Are you attending the National Genealogical Society's  2014 Family History Conference in Richmond Virginia?  It is the place to be in May. Registration has be open for a while now, hotel rooms are going quickly. Do you need to make those airline reservations or those are done.


                                                The local host is the Virginia Genealogical Society

The first permanent English settlement in North America, Virginia has been home to countless individuals - some remained for generations; others moved on to the next frontier. The conference will explore the origins of those who settled within Virginia's borders whether they came by land or sea. The program will include neighboring states, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee, with special emphasis on migration into and out of the region down the Carolina and Great Wagon Roads, over the appalachian Mountains, and south to Texas and beyond.

The four day conference will include more than 150 lectures by nationally known experts.
Conference Highlights: Two influential genealogical organizations, the Board of Certification of Genealogists (BCG) and the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen) will each celebrate their fiftieth anniversary in 2014. The Friday night banquet will pay tribute to both organizations.

I will not be attending this conference, but I do hope to give you some details as it comes closer. If anyone from our organization is attending, please let me know. It would be fun to see the conference through another's eyes.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Society Saturday - Ancestry - Something New

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

So did you go home and get on and try some of the little hints and tricks that were discussed at the meeting. Did you have any luck? Did it make a difference? Did you get better quality searches? If you haven't done it by now, will you remember what was discussed. Good thing we received a pretty good handout.

We certainly enjoyed a good meeting and a great topic for our January 2014 general meeting. Tamara Noe returned again and gave us a more detailed presentation on more advanced searches and filters. The room was full and people were anxious to know the secrets, hints, and tips and making your way through Ancestry and all its files and documents. Very very interesting and we all learned a lot. Lots of questions and lots of interaction. Isn't it great when someone asks a question or makes a statement, and others answer, or comment and continue the discussion. Everyone is a winner tonight.

We hope that people went home to try out all the suggestions, all the hints and tips that were discussed. I sure did and am finding that I am having better results. THANK YOU Tamara!!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Follow Friday - Life AFTER RootsTech 2014

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward   

RootsTech 2014 is over. No really, there are lots of videos to watch, all those streaming sessions - 30 in all from 2013 & now from 2014, plus going through my notes and transcribing them, getting all research information in order before it is lost or misplaced. So RootsTech2014 is over but hasn't really ended. It just keeps giving and giving. If you didn't go, and even if you did, take advantage of all 30 free streaming sessions available on RootsTech

Was it worth a week out of my life to attend? Did I benefit from the World's Largest Genealogical Library being in the same place? Did I use my time wisely?  Yes it definitely was worth the week of time. I planned ahead, and tried to follow my plan. There is so much to go through at the Library- from local, to state by state, to over the pond and into Europe. Microfilm, fiche, and books and maps.......  online databases and books that have been digitized and are available to download in its entirety. Love that. Keep checking back because FamilySearch is continued to digitize all the books in their library and vault. Wow, I just find that mind boggling ......... and we are all still indexing (I am - are you?) so file by file, document by document are being done and put up for everyone to search through.

The trip home was not as I had imagined - very different. We drove and so left about 8am from Salt Lake City, Utah Sunday on our way home to Sacramento California. It was clear, crisp and cold when we left. By the time we crossed over into Nevada it was almost a white out. I came on us very slow.........  a few rain drops, then it was heavier rain and then sleet and then snow and all of a sudden we could barely see in front of us.

We were following a truck which we continued to do........  after a while all we could see is the glow of his red tail lights- barely. We kept asking where are the snow plows and then we saw one on the other side going east NOT west for us. Then the truck pulled off and we were in fresh new snow. OH MY!! I believe we were probably traveling about 25 miles an hour if that. It was a little scary but we got through. Then it was clear again........... Reno was clear and then we started up into the Sierra's and the weather was starting all over again.........  light rain, heavier rain, sleet and then snow. This time the snow plows were at work. We did have four wheel drive and brand new tires. YES YES we did have chains in the trunk just in case, but it turns out we did not need them. We did get over the mountains before the pass was closed down and chains were required. Great driving Ron, really great. It is wonderful to be out of the snow, ice and COLD and back to central California winter weather (60's) and rain........ oh my we certainly need the rain. Apparently our first rains this week brought Folsom Lake back up 15 feet. I can't even imagine that much water.

It was a wonderful time. Now I need to organize the materials and notes so I can continue to go forward.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sentimental Sunday - RootsTech 2014 day 3

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward    

 What a good last day for the conference. It didn't snow again but it did rain while we were inside for the day.

The Keynote Speakers this morning were outstanding- it was really a roller coaster of emotions. The first speaker was Todd Hansen, is an Emmy Award winning  TV host and producer. He currently hosts and produces The Story Trek on BYUTV. His stories and presentation were outstanding. His message is that everyone has a story (or two) and they need to write down your stories. He cannot tell everyone's story even though he would like too, so he needs our help to get everyone's story written down and kept for generations to come.
The second speaker Stephanie Nielsen, is a mother and wife first and then a blogger of She also has a New York Times bestseller memoir, Heaven is Here.  In the summer of 2008, Stephanie and her husband were involved in a serious airplane accident in Arizona  While they miraculously survived, Stephanie experienced life threatening burns covering her arms, legs, face and hands. Her story is amazing, not sure that I could have stayed so positive. Yes, I was in tears but probably were for joy.

Sat with Marilyn during our luncheon sponsored by Ancestry,com. We are going different ways the last couple of days, so it was good to get caught up .The topic of discussion was from a panel of Ancestry experts to discuss AncestryDNA, what is happening, what is coming. They gave us an idea of how the process works after you complete your kit and mail it off. Very eye opening.

Can I Do My Genealogy On My Tablet.........  tablets are small and compact, but can you actually do your genealogy on these things. The answer is Yes, yes you can!! Pamela went over a lot of genealogy apps that will work on the PC and Mac. 

Using Pinterest for Family History-Kevin Knight - very good presentation. I really learned a lot and think that I will go back and try this again. I am excited about this. It does have a great potential for genealogists.

Finding Stories on Google Books......... Jimmy Zimmerman. Nice young man, well spoken and composed and understood the subject. He had a great family story that threaded through his presentation. A lot of books in the Google Books section are out of copyright and usually you can. download the whole book. But there are some that have limited views and some that have only snippets (teasers) and ones with no previews. There are so many features- try it out and see, Apparently, just like indexing, more and more books are digitized and come available for viewing.     

I expected to go into the exhibit hall for the last hour and found that it was already closed, despite the fact that the app showed Saturday from 10 to 6. Oh well, I guess I was done. I finally got back to the hotel. Guess who has set up business in the hotel Family Roots Publishing Co. They are our book vendor for our seminar for several years. They are not here full time, but Utah is their home. I stopped to say HI and to look. Book: German Maps and Facts for Genealogy; Census Birth Year Chart; Genealogy at a glance: Family History Library Research (cheat sheet);and a very sweet book for my granddaughter to start her off - Evie finds her Family Tree. OK OK now I am exhausted. Up to the hotel room and something to eat for dinner. The library is open till 9pm tonight, and I was tempted but I am tired - my eyes, my body and my mind.
Oh did I mention that Saturday was also Youth Day - thousands of young people everywhere. It is good to see the conferences including a special day with special events just for them. They all were given neon green and neon orange backpacks. They were everywhere. At the end of the day it looked like they had a great time.

I did go into the Exhibit Hall once today just so I could say I was in there.  It was first thing this morning,,,,,,,,  I went right for the BackBlaze booth with laptop and external drive in hand, I was able to install BackBlaze   which will back up my laptop and external drive. It is full coverage Free for a year. YES FREE for a YEAR. So now I will have time to evaluate it.
          As you can see the exhibit hall was a place to be  - very crowded with lots going on. Lots of demo sessions at many of the various booths. Lots of positive activity.

 And of course BackBlaze was very busy. Lots of questions and lots of people bringing their laptops to install their FREE Year of backup. Thank You to BackBlaze

 The installation of the program was quick, there was a waiting line most of the conference. But as I said it went quickly.

And our friends from Southern California Genealogical Society promoting their Society and the upcoming JUNE 2014 Jamboree. If you remember back, I won a free registration for this year and I am excited about it. I did stop long enough to register for the DNA Day Wouldn't it be just wonderful to win that too. I am not holding my breathe.

 .... now mark your calendars for ROOTSTECH 2015 Conference. And a  bonus for next year will be that RootsTech is partnering with Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) for 2015.                  You will get it all at one major conference.

 We are off in the early morning for that long drive home.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shopping Saturday - RootsTech 2014 day 1 & 2

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward  

Sorry no shopping today. Just so busy with classes and luncheons that there is no time for shopping. Maybe tomorrow.

So starting right off today at 8:30am, I watched the general session with keynote speakers. Today's session was sponsored by MyHeritage. First speaker was Judy Russell - you remember some past blogs of mine about legal alerts from her blog. She writes The Legal Genealogist, something we all should follow.  The other speaker was none other than Dr Spencer Wells who is spearheading the Geographic Project. He is a leading population geneticist. I really enjoyed both speakers.

I had signed up for Lab class with Drew Smith "Using Evernote as Your Primary Tool for Capturing Notes and Ideas". It was a hands on session. Very good and I actually learned a lot . Very glad I took it.

FGS sponsored lunch- Talk was around the 1812 digitizing project. It is still ongoing. You can still send in your individual donations. It is needed. The other topic was the 2014 FGS Conference in San Antonio,Texas  August 27-30, 2014.I am going, are you?..    

5 Ways to do Genealogy in Your Sleep-  excellent, great suggestions

The Paperless Genealogist: Organizing Our Genealogy with Digital Files": - another good one with great suggestions. A lot based on scanning materials. Know what types of scanners are used for what.
I Couldn't Put it Down Series: Flipboard your Family History- this is something really new to me. Some of the starts with blogging (hey I can do that) and then it went way over my head after that. The result is amazing but this is new for me and I would need a big learning  curve. Don't have this extra time now but it is something to think about.  

Pizza being served and researching at the library till 10pm. Yes they served pizza. And yes we were there and so were A LOT of other conference attendees. Very crowded and noisy,  but we managed to hold onto our seats and get some researching done despite everything going on around us.

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics? We have seen some, and what we saw was wonderful. Love hearing the interviews with some of our athlete's after the  ceremonies, They are all so excited and so glad to be competing for the USA. Good times.

Another full day tomorrow! Nite! ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Fridays Faces From the Past - RootsTech 2014 OPENS

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner-Benward      

 Opening Day has arrived
thousands & thousands of like minded people have decided they would come along too 

What a surprise!! - So we are all off and running.
Conference started. YIPPPEY!

I felt the Opening General Session was good, very positive and forward thinking. It was sponsored by Find My Past. The theme was "Bridging Family History with Technology " with Ree Drummond is on #1 New York Bestselling  author of The Pioneer Woman Cooks; Dennis Brimhall- President and CEO of Family Search International;  Annelies van den Belt  (flowers were presented and we wished her happy birthday) 

Creating a Digital Genealogy Scrapbook... I have been thinking about changing from paper scrapbooks to digital ones. This speaker uses Adobe Photo Elements 11- the end result is amazing.  One more thing to add to my list of To-Do's.


Find My Past luncheon was ok.- salad,  chicken,  noodles & veggies and pudding- Josh Taylor was one of the speakers, but the mic was not working properly and I just didn't follow what was being said. Disappointing but I like listening to Josh. 

A Mobile Genealogist: Using Evernote for Genealogy Research- I really have been trying to understand and see the benefits of using this program. I hear nothing but good things but it should not be so hard to grasp......... old age??  I don't know, but I did understand a little bit more. I was waiting for the speaker to address the on iPads, iPhones and tablets, since she was only talking about the  desktop use. Someone asked that very question, she said she was only talking about the desktop with Evernote. Unfortunately with that answer quite a number of particiapants left. I don't really blame them since you can't be too mobile with a desktop computer. 


FamilySearch's Mobile Family Tree Apps - interesting session. I was trying to locate this app at the app store to download and could not locate it. Well, couldn't find it because it has not been released yet.......  it is just beginning beta testing,  YES, I asked if they were still looking for beta testers and the answer is Yes. So I signed up. There are two apps they are working on - Family Tree View  for Apple and PC ( portrait pedigrees, ancestral details, parents/siblings, spouses/children, source and more) and Memories app only for apple at the moment (take pictures, write stories, record audio and more) It will be several months yet before either app will be ready for the public. they talked about the Indexing App and how they were making changes. Stay tuned!

Genealogy in the Cloud  -What is the Cloud? Simply put.- it is the internet, and a series of servers. example: email. One main use for using the cloud is storage, secure storage and the ability to retrieve your files whenever wherever. There are lots of choices and you need to do your homework to decide which is better for you.

The Exhibit Hall looks greeeeeat and very inviting as I peeked in on my way to classes and lunch today. Maybe tomorrow !!

Want to give a shout out to Jim Radar- we sat and talked this morning before the session opened. His DNA session was today and it was streaming live. Anyone watch it?

There were sighting of LuEllen Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society's Treasurer. It came from a very reliable source........... true or not?

Good Night


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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday- 3 days at THE LIBRARY

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward          

Researching at the library the last three days has been so much fun, exhausting, exciting, and frustrating all at the same time. (AND if you are a family researcher you know exactly what I am saying)
No more snow today but still very COLD.

I have been at the library all day today. Found a couple more digitized books. One more on the BRISTOL of New Haven Connecticut. Found a fabulous book "Vital Records of New Haven Connecticut", a digitized book on the ATWATER family that gives me background information on my BRISTOL family.  -  they are safely downloaded on my flash drive. Located a microfilm for land records for the New Haven Connecticut area, but it is only an index so I will be looking for that information now.

I am exhausted. Oh I did leave the library for 30 minutes. I went down to the Convention Center (across the street and down a city block) to  pick up my registration packet. Very organized and it should be since it is a technology conference. Dozens of computers lined up.Just needed to input your name and it comes back with what your name tag should say, you OK it and it prints out behind the desk.......  now the human touch comes in. They assemble your name tag and holder, give you all the tickets you ordered and anything else you ordered. Simple and quick. AND back to the library for a couple of hours.


RootsTech 2014 about to begin...........  time to open up the registration  bag and check out all the goodies and recheck the days schedule

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - More on THE Library

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward 

If you have not been to THE library in Salt Lake City -  
here is an opportunity to take a look. It is massive with billions and billions of books, microfilm and fiche. There are 5 floors- 2 basement floors and three above ground. The entire building is extremely clear. It is well lite with lots of comfortable chairs, roomy tables and lots of computer stations, rows and rows of microfilm, very nice copier stations and clean restrooms. There are lockers for all your items. They even give out tickets to get you into their cafeterias outside of the library. Can't say enough about the staff, they are all volunteers and I find most of them are learning right along side of the patrons, but that is ok because most of the time two heads are better than one. They are always courteous and willing to help, and if it is not something they are familiar with they get more help.

When a new person comes through the doors, they are greeted and are assigned a mentor. There is a short video to watch to help you with a positive experience. Now you know at least  one person- someone that is interested in seeing you succeed.

Welcome to THE library..............

and this is the entrance Monday morning and below is what it  like this morning

 ...... you are now coming in the front door. Lobby, information area. The main floor is straight ahead under the clock on the left or in through the arch to the right of the front desk. You will be welcomed and asked if this is your first time. IF it is..........

 they will assign someone to you....  now this is a good thing. You are offered an opportunity to view an introductory video to help get you feeling more comfortable with the layout of the building and the floors - after all there are 5 floors all completely full of resource for all of us.

                                              Here is the orientation room......  pretty comfy!

 You have now entered the main (first) floor which houses Family History Collection and the Canada Book Collection and as you will see plenty of computer workstations.

Now we will go upstairs - you can take the stairs or the elevators. As you can on the sign what is being housed where,,,,,,,,, lots to explore,
 Second Floor - microfilm - rows and rows and rows of microfilm and microfiche. rows and rows of Microfilm Reader Stations .............

                                            ....... and again plenty of computer workstations.

Entering the third floor with all the US Book Collection and it is huge. Each floor you will see this information center. I have to say that they are busy all the time. No matter how busy they get they are always courteous and helpful. Extra staffing is already noticeable and there will be even more as the conference grows closer.

                           Comfy chairs, well lighted rooms, large tables and many many tables, is 9p and the library is closed, imagine being so tired after only 10+ hours of watching microfilm, and reading and looking through many books. Who knew that researching could be so exhausting.   We are on our way back to our hotel and a warm room. Burrrrrrr!! it is COLD

 Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Library - well the main, second and third floors. I have not set foot in the two basement floors. But tomorrow may be that day.........

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Talented Tuesday - Researching at THE LIBRARY

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner-Benward    

What a great day. Looking out over the mountains with a sheet of white fluff, it is crisp and cold although it is in the forecast for tonight or early morning.  But I am somewhat prepared with layers of clothing (being inside most of the day it is just for those few minutes that I am outside) ..........     I was able to spend the entire day at this wonderful library. If you ever get a chance to come to Salt Lake City please allow yourself at least a couple of days for your research at the library. But do your homework first and make it a worthwhile couple of days. I am so glad that I did some preparation for this time in the library. It sure helped.

Backtracking, I prepared by going through the library catalog at home and finding out what materials they had on Waterbury & New Haven Connecticut; Washington, Arglye, Summerhill, Cuba, New York; Taunton, Somerset, Exeter, Bassenthwaite, Penrith, Cumberland, England. This will be in search of documents, materials and background information on the BRISTOL's, TROWBRIDGE's, and LITTLE'S lines. I will add the SHEERAR's to this list but not sure if I will get time for them or get back into England but I am prepared just in case.

      " The Musketeers"  Sandi, Charlene, and Marilyn 
We are enjoying our time together and helping each other when needed

I did not bring my computer or any other device with me to the library this first day except for my iPhone which of course has "Families" App. I have my whole Legacy family tree on my  app. What a great research tool it is and has been all day. Where ever I was in the library I opened the app and looked at any part of my ancestors lines, the dates, the locations, what documentation I have already collected on them and what I still need to find. WOW!! I am amazed how useful it is. I thought I brought my Flip Pal, but no it is sitting on the chair at the backdoor ready to be picked up. Oh well, next time.  But I do have my iPhone /camera. Of course I did bring several flash drives for downloading documents instead of making all those paper copies. AND guess what, I downloaded two books out of the catalog. One that is over 1100 pages about the History of the Trowbridge Family and it seems to be sourced. The other is a 260 page book on New Haven Connecticut. Mostly history and coming up into the present times. I read 60 pages on the FamilySearch computer screen and taking some notes when I realized I could download it and bring it home with me, YES!!! Today was mostly United States book day. For some reason we were thinking that the library is open till 9pm each night except Saturday and of course closed on Sunday, but it is not. Monday's they close at 5pm but the rest of the week it will close at 9pm. yeaaaaa!! Will I make it?

The library was surprisingly busy today. The buzz is wait till Wednesday and maybe you can still get in. Yes, that will be right according to last year, Monday and Tuesday were pretty open- no problems getting tables microfilm machines or copiers. However by noon on Wednesday every person for themselves and hope that the book you want has been re-shelved

We are all going out tonight Olive Garden. It is very close by. This the first time Charlene has been to this library so we are anxious to talk to her about her first day in mecca. night

Good Night sleep last night and looking forward to another good night tonight.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Motivation Monday - Driving to Mecca - Family History Center

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward   

Up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, Charlene picked me up, we drive to Marilyn's where the car was packed (everything fit!! magic) and we were off.........  a day of trying to stay awake, some small talk, some reading, some knitting (when not driving) and a lot of driving. On the drive through the Sierra's felt like it was fall again, with no snow- just a cold beautifully crisp day.  

AND FINALLY (almost 12 hours later) here we are in Salt Lake City at the Salt Plaza (& Marilyn & Ron staying at the Shilo) the very same night. Isn't life wonderful. Checked in, unpacked, stretched and breathed in the cold snowy icy air - it is cold here. Anyone coming up warm clothes, and layering. WE HAVE ARRIVED!!
We have already visited Harmon's Grocery down the street, filled our refrigerator with all sorts of goodies, along with the microwave and coffee machine we are set for several days.

Kicking back watched Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes. Getting ready for research at the library for the next three days. Life is so good.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Society Saturday - Like Minds Think Alike - LEGACY SIG

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward 

Are you using Legacy Family Tree Software for organizing and maintaining your Family Tree? Did you know that there is a group meeting once a month talking nothing but Legacy? Yes there is.

WHERE: Family History Center, 2745 Eastern Ave.(between Marconi & El Camino) Sacramento
WHEN: first Thursday 1-3pm   -next: February 6
LEADER: Marian Kile

It looks like they will be concentrating on the NEW updates for version 8 of Legacy, since this version has just been released. But there will always be time for any other questions.

I have already installed Legacy #8 on my computer and laptop. No problems, no difficulties. To me, it looks very similar, thank goodness, but you can certainly customize it or NOT. Now I will learn what is new and updated as I go along. Unfortunately (boo hoo) I will be in Salt Lake City enjoying RootsTech Conference for the February 6 meeting. But you enjoy the Legacy SIG and I will see you at the next meeting on March 6.

While attending RootsTech2014 in Salt Lake City, I will be making a point to visit with Geoff Rasmussen about the new Legacy and will say HI from all of you. I will let him know about our group in Sacramento with Marian Kile and what we are doing. I know all of this interests him. AND of course for those of you that will be attending Root Cellar Spring Seminar April 5 you can say HI to him in person and ask those questions you may have.

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