Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Marriage Book

I could not find a thing on the marriage of John Patterson Gardner and Margaret Evelyn Branfield - all of sudden I have found several sources for this union. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!

John Patterson Gardner and Margaret Evelyn Branfield married September 20, 1911 in Alliance Ohio with both parents full (& maiden names) names listed. Married by C. B.  Reynolds, Clergyman

Unbelievable what you can find!!  I am still amazed.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tech Tuesday........... acquired!!

Did you hear that...................... to be bought by a Private Equity Firm for $1.6B
Genealogy website has agreed to be acquired by a group led by European private equity firm Permira Funds in a cash deal valued at about $1.6 billion.

The offered price of $32 per share is a nearly 10 percent premium over Friday's closing price of $29.18. Its shares jumped 8 percent, or $2.37, to $31.55 in premarket trading Monday. operates a website for researching family history and has more than 2 million paying subscribers. It says more than 10 billion records have been added to its site over the past 15 years.
.......from a news release from
" said there will be no anticipated changes in its operating structure with the deal. The company will remain based in Provo, Utah, and it will continue to focus on investing in content, technology and expanding product offerings in areas like DNA."
What do you think about this? Will it have an impact (good or bad) on the genealogical community?
......... posted by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Monday, October 29, 2012

Railroad Pension Files - where are they?

Oh Yes!! you heard right .......  I just received my grandfathers Railroad Pension file - well 82 pages out of 94 - not too bad. But let me start at the beginning.........

If you remember, while in Birmingham Alabama (end of August into September 2012) attending the FGS Conference, one of my sessions was Railroad Pensions. I was thrilled to see it in the syllabus and could hardly wait to be in this session. It turned out to be an excellent session with great information. It was taught by Archivist Maureen Hill , NARA Atlanta Georgia and Connie Potter  Washington DC NARA. NARA (National Archives) had a very good booth in the exhibitor hall - very helpful and lots of information. I stopped at the booth, gave them my grandfather railroad social security number and they were able to verify that he was in the system - they gave me the lot number along with other information.

All the Railroad Pension files were transferred from NARA in Washington D. C. to NARA in Atlanta Georgia. They said it was a simple request that could be done by email with certain information. They try for a 10 day turn around. So of course with this information in hand I went to my computer and composed the email with the information needed and sent it off........ 

My email is sent to with the following information:
      complete name of railroad worker, date of birth, date of death, social security # (railroad workers SS# should begin with 700's), RRB claim # (don't know what this is), storage # (this is a number that I got from the NARA booth at the conference)
I don't know if it was necessary but I gave a short paragraph of background information.....  the railroad name itself, years he worked, anybody who requested benefits (my grandmother). I think that you give them as much information as possible and then let them do their job and hope for the best.

AND also include:  your name, full address, telephone number, and email address

The cost when I started this back in Aug/Sept was $15 for 20 pages. As of 1 Oct it went up to $20 for 20 pages or $.75 a page. So for 94 it would cost me $ change for the entire file. The archivists say that alot of the material is simply pay stubs and sheets that have nothing to do with family research. Lots of conversations, emails, and telephone calls and a month and half later I received my grandfathers Pennsylvania Railroad Pension files.  Roger Miller my NARA helper (and probably an Archivist too)  were very considerate, and kept in touch with me.........  apparently after that conference there were more requests for pensions records than they could handle.... so yes it did take longer than advertised but it was worth it. I have a new friend at the Atlanta GA Nara Archives, Roger Miller.

My grandfathers death  certificate (no I didn't have a copy) and certificate of marriage (no I didn't have a copy) were included in this file. Also job titles of all the jobs he had done for the Penna RR Co since he started work there in 1905 and retired in 1955. Applications for retirement, application for survivors benefits and more.

Another question I asked  ………  IF there is another member of the family that worked for the same railroad but didn’t work for them after 1937, would there still be records of their employment somewhere? His reply was to contact the Railroad Retirement Board at 1-877-772-5772.  They can give you an accurate answer to your question. I have not tried calling yet but I will.

As I said I received 82 pages out of 94. I have gone through them several times. The best item was a Marriage Certificate. Now I have confirmation from 4 sources about this marriage and they all have the same information. I can remember a day not too long ago when I could not confirm the marriage at all.

For those of you that have Railroad workers, they will only be in these files if they worked for the Railroad after 1937, this is when the Pension program began.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Church Records on Sunday - The Church Newsletter

I have tried and tried to find a record that showed the marriage of my fathers father and mother - my paternal grandparents with nothing to show. John Patterson Gardner and Margaret Evelyn Branfield. Finally I took another chance and wrote again to the church mentioned in their 50th Anniversary Celebration Notice - First Christain Church, 114 Main , Alliance Ohio.

I received a letter back, "Dear Sandi, I was unable to locate a wedding certificate, but we did find an article in our Christain Messenger Newsletter about the wedding. It's in the first column, from September 22, 1911. I hope this helps in some way" Sincerely Bev Keck/ Secretary

What do you mean does this help? Oh my goodness it does. It is one more resource to say YES YES they were married and married here on this day in this place ............. I was so thankful.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Root Cellar Blog, a Member Benefit

The use of blogs is just one of the many genealogical tools Thomas MacEntee will discuss at the Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society Spring Seminar on March 16, 2012.

Take a look at recent Root Cellar news on

Now imagine your family history query or brickwall here instead.  Carolee Jones submitted this humorous Thanksgiving story.  Nancy Fiorini submitted a story about her father-in-law.  Jack Willoughby revealed his eligibility in an esteemed organization.  Each of these Root Cellar members' articles reached thousands of blog readers who subscribe to because of its value as another genealogical research resource. 

Consider casting your surnames and localities to a new community of genealogists - blog readers.  Long or short stories, maybe just an image with a brief description, maybe your brickwall surname -- the Root Cellar blog is here to benefit members.

Submit your questions, stories or images to for posting on the blog.  Editing or proofing assistance is available if needed.

posted by Denise H. Richmond

Society Saturday - Topics Announced for Spring Seminar with Thomas MacEntee

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society is pleased to announce the four topics that our featured speaker, Thomas MacEntee, will present at its Spring Seminar on Saturday, March 16, 2013.  The descriptions below were taken with permission from his business website, High-Definition Genealogy
  • Building a Research Toolbox: Are overwhelmed with the number of online resources for genealogical research? Are you constantly working with unorganized bookmarks or favorites? Printing out lists of websites you use most? You will learn not only some of the most important online resources for genealogical research, but also how to organize these resources into an easy-to-access and portable virtual toolbox.  (Level: Beginner)
  • Internet Archive: A Gold Mine for Genealogists: The Internet Archive ( is a free, on-line repository rich with genealogy source documents including census images and e-books.  In this session, learn how to navigate the Internet Archive and leverage the best search strategies to download a variety of materials including archived web pages, e-books, video, audio and more. (Level: Beginner)
  • Social Networking: New Horizons for Genealogists: Did you know that the over 55 crowd is the fastest growing group of Facebook users?  Did  you know that Twitter is not the domain of the much younger “texting” crowd but is used by an older more savvy group of people? Did you ever wonder how and if these programs, along with others such as blogs and wikis, can be used to help genealogists?  Wonder no more as we explore what makes up the oft-mystifying term “social networking” and how each program is currently being used by genealogists and family historians of all ages. (Level: Beginner)
  • You Use WHAT for Genealogy? Wonderful Uses for Unusual Tools: Have you ever wondered if you’re missing out on how some genealogists are using tools such as Evernote, Microsoft Word or Excel, Google and more? Learn what’s hot in the world of apps and websites and how you can start using them!  We’ll review a group of familiar apps and websites that are being used in creative ways by the genealogy community. You’ll also learn how to think “outside the margins” and start repurposing other apps and sites for your genealogy research. (Level: Beginner)
Root Cellar is looking forward to welcoming Thomas to Sacramento next March and our fine northern California sun (he lives in Chicago!).  We'll be introducing more about Thomas in future blog articles over the next few months.  In the meantime, read the initial announcement about him and visit, even subscribe to,  his genealogy news website where Root Cellar organizational news and member's ancestry has appeared frequently.

posted by Denise H. Richmond

Friday, October 26, 2012

November Membership Program Presents Abe Lincoln

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society
Membership Meeting and Program
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
7:00p.m. - 8:30p.m.
Citrus Heights Community Clubhouse
6921 Sylvan Road, Citrus Heights, CA

Join us for an evening about "The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln" presented by Arnold Kunst.   Has this country ever produced a more interesting humorist than Abraham Lincoln? Have we a leader to match Lincoln’s wisdom as he shepherded this country through the depths of the Civil War, a war that was all but lost on so many occasions? Arnold Kunst, the author of the recently published ‘Lincoln 365,’ gave his first talk on Abraham Lincoln in high school and has been fascinated by him ever since. The Abraham Lincoln Arnold uncovers for us in this talk gives every appearance of walking on water; Lincoln will be glad to show us, if we but care to look closely, where the rocks are! Lincoln, always comfortable inside his own skin, shows us reasons aplenty for you and me to choose him as our role model!

About the Speaker
Arnold Kunst, who holds an MA in history from Queen's University in Northern Ireland, taught both children and adults on both sides of the Atlantic for well over 30 years. Recently retired, his students range from the children of cabinet ministers to convicted felons, from the cream of the academic crop to those some would consider the dregs of society. He brings a wide range of experience to the speaker's podium – teacher, business owner, school administrator, professional musician, free-lance journalist, grants writer, house painter, hospice volunteer.

Arnold has fine-tuned his speaking skills with Toastmasters International. His Lincoln presentations, as well as his recently-published Lincoln 365, arose out of an award-winning Toastmasters speech entitled 'Lincoln Was a Loser.' You and I should lose like Lincoln!

His most recent position, as a teacher in a California state prison, is where his fascination with Abraham Lincoln turned into a flat-out passion. He was utterly astonished to find the drug dealers and wife beaters in his class were turned to putty in Lincoln’s hands!  As Arnold witnessed first-hand the astonishing effect Abraham Lincoln had on his students, he bottled that Lincoln in his recently-published book, Lincoln 365.  If Lincoln could entice a sense of direction in rudderless felons, just think what he might do for the likes of you and me!

submitted by Carolee Jones, Program Chairperson
posted by Denise H. Richmond

The Family Tree of a JRR Tolkien Character

Dear Root Cellar Bloggers,

I was listening to NPR this morning and there was a genealogy project that was discussed about how and why a Swedish student decided to do a genealogy family tree of all the characters in JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth series.  Anyway, I thought you might want to look it up on The Guardian and see if it would be of interest on our blog.  How many fictional characters of an author get a family tree made for them?

Carolee Jones
Program Chairperson


Dear Carolee,

Thanks for sending this to  What a novel idea!  I hope our blog readers will enjoy this twist on genealogy and submit material for other blog articles.

Best regards,
Denise H. Richmond
Publicity Chairperson
and Blogger for Root Cellar

Two Great Seminars

Autumn is a popular season for genealogical seminars.   Here's a couple for your consideration:

Sacramento Family History Center - Saturday, November 3, 2012.  Read more here.  Right here in River City, multiple classes to choose from presented by genealogical experts and an option to get the syllabus in pdf or hardcopy.  I'll be attending this one.

Genealogical Society of Stanislaus County [Modesto] - Saturday, November 10, 2012.  Featured speaker Christine Rose will present four topics.  Read more here.  Ms. Rose's books are frequently recommended.  It's a little late in learning about this but I'm considering going to this one since it's not that far away.

posted by Denise H. Richmond

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Help $upport Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society

I hope it's not too early to mention holiday shopping.  Now, now, I heard a couple groans!  But, if you're like me, you spread it out over the next couple of months. 

Please keep Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society (RCSGS) in mind if you're going to shop this holiday season (or any time of year).  RCSGS participates in its affiliate program which means that RCSGS receives a small percentage or rebate from your purchases when a special link is used to access the online retailer. Throughout the year, fundraising efforts through this affiliate program helps to support the programs offered by RCSGS. 

How does ot work?  Follow these easy steps:
  1. Go to  This is a special link assigned to RCSGS by  You can also copy and paste this link into your browser address bar and press Enter.
  2. Bookmark the page to easily access it again.
  3. Login to your account and begin shopping. However, an account is not necessary to shop on this site.
  4. Share these instructions with your family and friends - orders from anyone will help support RCSGS.
If you have any questions or need a little help, send an email to the Technology Committee at

Thank you for supporting RCSGS!

posted by Denise H. Richmond

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Historic Sylvan Cemetery Tour Encore

After the great response we got at Sylvan Cemetery last month for the historic tour, we have decided to offer the tour again on Saturday October 27 (weather permitting).  This tour will be in conjunction with the 'October Family History Month' which highlights the counties Cemetery's, the State Archives and history museums. We are asking that anyone interested to please arrive at Sylvan Cemetery by 11:00 am. The tour will start between 11:00 and 11:15.  The tour will last about 1 hour.  There is no charge for this but if you would like to donate to the building of our bell tower then please do. --------- Press Release Historic Sylvan Cemetery, which just recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, will be conducting a guided tour of it’s grounds on Saturday, October 27th at 11:00 am, in conjunction with October Family History Month. Thousands of Sacramento area veterans and citizens have been buried at Sylvan Cemetery since its 1862 inception. The Board of Trustees, in recognition of this very stately and historic location, is commissioning the construction of a bell tower to honor the deceased which will also serve as a fitting tribute to the rich history of those buried within the cemetery walls. Sylvan is a historic cemetery that is the resting place of over 1,300 veterans from the Civil War, Spanish American War, World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict and the Gulf War.  It is also home to founding families and early settlers of Citrus Heights and Fair Oaks, including the Van Maren, Rusch, Volle and Ose families.  More than 8,000 local residents are interred at Sylvan. Sylvan Cemetery District 7401 Auburn Blvd. Citrus Heights 95610 Board Member contact: Jim Monteton (916) 726-9390 Sylvan Cemetery phone: (916) 725-3406 Cemetery website: ### Submitted by Jim Monteton Sylvan Cemetery Board of Trustees Posted by Denise H. Richmond

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Roseville Genealogical Society Meeting

Tuesday October 23, 2012
Maidu Senior Center, 1550 Maidu Dr., Roseville, CA
Meeting 1-3 pm
Program " The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln"
Introducing Abraham Lincoln to the 21st Century

Has this country ever produced a more interesting humorist than Abraham Lincoln? have we a leader to match Lincoln's wisdom as he shepherded this county through the depths of the Civil War, a war that was all but lost on so many occasions? Arnold Kunst, the author of the recently published "Lincoln 365," gave his first talk on Abraham in high school and has been fascinated by him ever since. The Abraham Lincoln Arnold uncovers for us in this talk gives every appearance of walking on water; Lincoln will be glad to show us, if we but care to look closely, where the rocks are! Lincoln, always comfortable inside his own skin, shows us reasons aplenty for you and me to choose him as our role model!

Speaker: Arnold Kunst
Arnold, who holds an MA in history from Queen's University in Northern Ireland, taught both children and adults on both sides of the Atlantic for well over 30 years. Recently retired, his students range from the children of cabinet ministers to convicted felons, from the cream of the academic crop to those some would consider the dregs of society. He brings a wide range of experience to the speaker's podium-teacher, business owner, school administrator, professional musician, free-lance journalist, grants writer, house painter, Hospice volunteer. Arnold has fine-turned his speaking skills with Toastmasters International. His Lincoln presentations, as well as his recently-published "Lincoln 365." arouse out of an award-winning Toastmasters speech entitled 'Lincoln Was a Loser.' You and I should lose like Lincoln!

His most recent position as a teacher in a California state prison, is where his fascination with Abraham Lincoln turned into a flat-out passion. He was utterly astonished to find the drug dealers and wife beaters in his class were turned to putty in Lincoln's hands! As Arnold witnessed first -hand the astonishing effect Abraham Lincoln had on his students, he bottled that Lincoln in his recently-published book. "Lincoln 365." If Lincoln could entice a sense of direction in rudderless
felons, just think what he might do for the likes of you and me!

submitted by Helen Astill
Posted by Ron Setzer

Monday, October 15, 2012

Military Monday – Sherman F. Snow

On Active Service
with the
American Expeditionary Force

American YMCA
Paris France Nov 11th 1918.

Dear Folks:- 

This morning at sunrise I was in this city on my return to camp and will go out to night. This has been the most wonderful day I ever spent. In fact I suppose it is that to every one but being in a city like this and some thing happens like this is beyond comparison. At 11 oclock no one knew of the armistis being signed, but at 11:30 every one knew it, Church bells began ringing people hollowing and singing was some thing great then the flags were beginning to fly from every window. And the awfulest crowds of people in every way were parading the streets. Bands bombs and every thing else to make a noise was used. A fellow could not hear himself think. 

To go along the walk was a job unless he went with the crowd. Girls and old women would grab and kiss every one in khaki. (To much for me I had to beat it) (foot sweet) But no one could blame them as long as it has gone on. They never believed us when we told them some time ago. (Heaven, hell or Hoboken by Xmas) but now they know it. It came as a surprise to many. 

I can just imagine how every one is rejoicing from the news over there. I’m with every one out side of this I seen some wonderful things this fore noon. I am real tired so will close for now. I feel real good physically. 

Your Son. (Doc) 

Pvt. Sherman F. Snow 
Med. Det 47th Co. 20th Engineers 
American Ex. Forces 
Via. New York. 

Nov. 11th 1918. In Paris, I never will forget. 

Transcribed from a letter written by my maternal grandmother’s brother.
Sherman Franklin Snow was born 19 Jul 1892 in Albany, Gentry County, Missouri to James William Snow and Minerva Simpson Posey Snow. He married Marie Louise Standish 15 Dec 1919 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and died without children 13 Mar 1966 in Whittier, Los Angeles County, California.

Submitted by Denise Miller
Posted by Ron Setzer

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday

The National Archives has launched new online videos of its most popular genealogy “how to” workshops. These videos cover “hot topics” in genealogical research such as Civil War records, online resources and databases, and more. These workshops led by National Archives experts are available on the National Archives YouTube channel 
The National Archives produced Know Your Records video shorts cover the creation, scope, content, and use of National Archives records for genealogical research. For the first time, researchers and staff voted for their favorite topics—and the National Archives listened.


Some recent additions include:
    Access to Archival Databases (AAD) for Genealogists 
    Documenting Death in the Civil War
    Let No Man Put Asunder: Freedmen’s Bureau Marriage Records 
    Army Service in the Civil War: An Overview 
    Exodus to Kansas: The 1880 Senate Investigation of the Beginnings of the African American Migration from the South 
    National Archives Records on

Another great resource for learning and researching our family history.

........from UPFRONT with NGS 6Oct2012

posted for your pleasure by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 150th Celebration of Sylvan Cemetery

Saturday September 8   11am - 3pm   
150th anniversary celebration at Sylvan Cemetery in Citrus Heights.....   There were walking tours of that historical portion of the cemetery, cake, cookies and drinks plus a raffle.    
They also asked for donations for the new bell tower that will be constructed in 2013.    
The board of trustees were dressed in 1860's period clothing as were some visitors. 
I hope that you enjoy all the pictures of this festive day.............. 

for more photos click here.............
Thank you to Cyndi Price and Jim Monteton for sharing the photos of the day
posted for your enjoyed by Sandra Gardner Benward


Monday, October 8, 2012

Tuesday Tech......... Talking about Blogs...

Are you aware that has a blog and and very active one too. Acquires 1000memories - did you know that 1000memories is a local San Francisco based start up business!

World Archives Project update - did you know that NOW a Mac user have a MAC version of the keying tool. NOW they can participate in the Archives Project. What a great opportunity.

Labor Day Celebration: Jump In the 1940 Time Machine, Search All U.S. Censuses Free... the time machine is alot of fun and can add so much more substance to your family tree.

And so many more posts.........  you can follow along or just sign up... Blog

posted for your enjoyment by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monday Motivation - Research Tips

Here is a tip from Thomas MacEntee (Root Cellar's 2013 Seminar Speaker)   

Shoot for a "one pass" goal. When you find a record or piece of information, note all of the information as if you might never find it again. This means noting the date you found it, the type of record, and even whether you are transcribing or abstracting it. You're only kidding yourself if you say that you'll come back to it later

For more hints and tips to help in your research, click here

"wow, that does sound familiar, I need to make some changes NOW".

posted by Sandra Gardner Benward

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunday Remembrance

While attending FGS Conference 2012 in Birmingham Alabama end of August into September.         I was so surprised to run into a dear friend of mine. Unfortuntely, my dear friend passed away in 2008. It was a large poster board with picture, with some personal information and the dedication. A session at the Conference was being dedicated to Chuck, in his memory. What a nice thing to do. .........  But it really took me back and speechless for several minutes. I want to share this with all of you. Most of you will recognize our dear friend and Root Cellar Member, Chuck Knuthson.

Also being honored in memorial at the Conference.........
"James Dent Walker Memorial Lecture"  Constance Potter will moderate a panel of National Archives staff to take questions from participants in an open forum.
"Helen F. M. Leary Distinguished Lecture" - sponsored by the Board of Certicfication of Genealogists Education Fund.  Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA presented "Is There A Professional in the House?" 
posted by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Free Genealogy Program at the Sacramento Central Library

You are invited to attend the following free genealogy program at the Sacramento Central Library, at 828 I Street in Sacramento, this Saturday:
Saturday, October 6th, 1:00 - 2:30 pm, in the West Meeting Room:
Beginning Genealogy: How to Trace Your Family History
Speaker: Karen Burney

Description: This class will teach you the steps for tracing your ancestry. Learn what records and resources are available, as well as how and where to find your family's information. Karen will also give tips for organizing your research.

About the Speaker
Karen Burney has spent over 20 years researching her family history. She is a member of the National Genealogical Society (NGS) and the Founder of the African American Genealogy Group known as The Roots Exchange and Education Society (TREES). She has researched many areas of genealogy but her primary areas of interest are the Civil War and the Antebellum South. As an instructor, she has taught classes on a variety of topics, including Beginning Genealogy, Texas and Louisiana Research, Digital Scrapbooking, Oral History, Slave Research and Using Genealogy to Plan your Family Reunion.

Parking: On Saturdays, the only free parking close to Central Library is in the Sacramento County Jury Parking lot, which is an open lot between 8th and 9th and F and G Streets.

If you'd like to register for this class, or need more information, please contact Beth Daugherty, Genealogy Services Librarian, at

Submitted by Beth Daugherty
Posted by Denise H. Richmond Announces Fun and interactive Census Graphic

October is National Archives Month and National Family History Month

The 1940 Census is now fully indexed just in time for October's Family History Month! To commemorate these two great occasions, created a fun and informative interactive graphic showcasing all 23 Censuses! The interactive graphic can be found at the following URL:

Complete with images of each decade’s questionnaire as well as statistics and valuable data, we hope you enjoy it! You can share it on your Facebook page, Like it, Tweet it, etc. Thank you!

Source: email
posted by Denise H. Richmond

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Our American Family" New PBS TV Series

Thomas MacEntee reported on GeneaBloggers that a new series called Our American Family will be on PBS.

Thomas writes "The pilot episode, Our American Family – The Youngs, is about a family in Northern Mississippi as told by the siblings who were born during the 1920s and 1930s...I’m honored to say I’ve been given a sneak preview to the entire 30 minute episode and not only was it thoroughly enjoyable, but it really gave me a sense of what this family endured during the 1900 – 1950 time period. Through re-enactments, voice overs from family members and touching photographs, viewers learn what it was like to raise children during the Great Depression and then send many of them off to war in the 1940s."

This series sounds fascinating but, as Thomas said, it may not be carried on all PBS stations.  I checked my local PBS website (KVIE Sacramento) but did not find the series in a search.  So, I sent them an email requesting the series be aired.  Check your local PBS listings and call or email them as necessary.  Take this opportunity to advocate for more awareness of genealogy and family history within the general public.

posted by Denise H. Richmond

Monday, October 1, 2012

2nd Annual “Sacramento Archives Crawl” on October 6

In celebration of October - National Archives Month, enjoy an encore of an article posted here on September 16, 2012.

"Rarely-Seen Historic Treasures on Special Display for [the]
2nd Annual “Sacramento Archives Crawl” on October 6"

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 4, 2012) – In celebration of National Archives Month this October, archives and special collections libraries from throughout the region will showcase their rarely-seen holdings during the 2nd Annual “Sacramento Archives Crawl” on Saturday, October 6. Free and open to the public, the theme for the event this year is Building Sacramento, Building Communities and crawl participants can expect to see a wide range of historic materials documenting the growth of the region. Showcasing historic treasures from twenty-two Northern California institutions, special artifacts will be on display at four host locations including the California State Archives, the California State Library, the Center for Sacramento History, and the Sacramento Public Library. Due to the popularity of the first-year effort in 2011, “Sacramento Archives Crawl” event hours are expanded this year to run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Read entire press release for more details.

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society will once again participate as an exhibitor at the Sacramento Archives Crawl. Sammie Hudgens, Library Chairperson, will lead a delegation of members staffing the exhibit and orienting "crawlers" to the Root Cellar Genealogical Library located at the California State Archives, 4th floor. The Library contains over 5,000 volumes from nearly every state and many countries. There are more than 150 books on California alone, including the 1890 Great Registers for the whole state, gold rush history and northern California county histories. Also available for reading and purchase are several publications containing data that Root Cellar members have extracted from local records held at the Center for Sacramento History on subjects including coroner's records, state militia, state prison convicts and cemeteries.

Press release submitted by Pat Johnson
posted by Denise H. Richmond