Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday Travel - Official End of WWII

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward


Did you know that today in 1945 is the Offical End of  World War II............. really? this is what my new pocket calendar says. I googled and read but I didn't find any reference to WWII ending on December 31, 1945 or any other year in December ...............

Checking with the Wikipedia on World War II it states: "The start of the war is generally held to be 1 September 1939, beginning with the German invasion of Poland; Britain and France declared war on Germany two days later. The exact date of the war's end is also not universally agreed upon. It has been suggested that the war ended at the armistice of 14 August 1945 (V-J Day), rather than the formal surrender of Japan (2 September 1945); in some European histories, it ended on V-E Day (8 May 1945). However, the Treaty of Peace with Japan was not signed until 1951, and that with Germany not until 1990.

Veterans Day is observed in the United States on 11 November, and is both a federal holiday and a state holiday in all states. However, the function of the observance elsewhere is more closely matched by Memorial Day in May. In the United States, and some other allied nations, 11 November was formerly known as Armistice Day; in the United States it was given its new name in 1954 at the end of the Korean War to honour all veterans. Veterans Day is observed with memorial ceremonies, salutes at military cemeteries, and parades."

Where were you at the beginning of the war 1 September 1939?
Where were you on the armistice/ V-J Day 14 August 1945? or the surrender of Japan  or V-E Day? OR in 1951 or 1990?

When World War II began I was not around yet, but by the time Japan formally surrendered I was a small glimmer in my daddy's eye. I still need to write these stories.

What memories do you have of this time period? Were your parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, grandparents, sons & daughters involved with the war movement? How were they involved? Have you written your/their story? Do those interviews now, don't wait., write the story's before they just disappear.  

Start this NEW YEAR off by putting pencil to paper and write the stories, don't let them disappear! [ahhhh!! my first New Years Resolution] Don't let those precious stories disappear!!

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Society Sunday - HAPPY NEW YEAR for Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

              What is happening in January 2014 for Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society?

                                FIRST  "HAPPY NEW YEAR- 2014"
                        Come Out and Join Us This Year

Thursday, January 2, 2014
Root Cellar SGS Board Meeting
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Sylvan Community Center, 7521 Community Drive, Citrus Heights
Members welcome!

Friday January 3, 2014
Root Cellar SGS- Extraction
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Center for Sacramento History, 551 Sequoia Pacific Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95811
Contact Marilyn Ulbricht with questions, or directions

Thursday, January 9, 2014
Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society Membership Meeting **Visitors always welcome!**   
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Christ Community Church, 5025 Manzanita Avenue, Carmichael
6:15 to 7:00 PM Pre-Meeting Open Discussion - "Which online genealogy databases do you use?"
7:00 to 8:30 PM “Ancestry.com – Filtering for better results”. Presented by Tamara Noe
Getting millions of results from a search on Ancestry.com is only fun once, before you realize that most of them don’t make any sense at all. Knowing how to filter on Ancestry.com is the key to having better results. Learn where, how, when, and when not to filter. Many examples, including live searching, will be used in this class....... more information
Friday January 10, 2014
Root Cellar SGS - Extraction
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Center for Sacramento History, 551 Sequoia Pacific Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95811
Contact Marilyn Ulbricht with questions, or directions

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Root Cellar SGS Workshop 
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Sylvan Community Center, 7521 Community Drive, Citrus Heights
Share your successful finds and brickwalls. The session may include a webinar and/or a demo of a research tool. Guests welcome!

Friday January 17, 2014
Root Cellar SGS- Extraction
Center for Sacramento History - CLOSED

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Reunion for the Mac Special Interest Group (SIG)
10:30 am to 12:30 pm
FamilySearch Library, 2745 Eastern Avenue, Sacramento
Brainstorm solutions to users' problems, questions & explore ins/outs of the best Mac genealogy program. Contact Ron Setzer to be added to our email list. All are welcome.
Friday January 24, 2014
Root Cellar SGS- Extraction
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Center for Sacramento History, 551 Sequoia Pacific Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95811
Contact Marilyn Ulbricht with questions, or directions

Friday January 31, 2014
Root Cellar SGS- Extraction
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Center for Sacramento History, 551 Sequoia Pacific Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95811
Contact Marilyn Ulbricht with questions, or directions

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday Treasure Chest of Books - In the Beginning...... & NOW

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner-Benward with plenty of help from our head Librarian
Sammie Hudgens

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society Library since the beginning has gone through so much change and has grown and continues to grow.

Our library is now housed at the California State Archives, floor 4, 1020 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. We have been located here since the 1995. The lightrail stops right in front of the building at the Archives Square stop, making it easier to come down and do some research and go home without the hassle of driving and parking. [I get alot of knitting done- very relaxing]

In the beginning the society thought it would be a good idea to start a library, they had no idea what could or would happen. Our library was hauled to and from the general meetings in orange crates. The boxes were kept at John Bank's house and he carried them to the meetingsThe library was a lending library. We started with mostly "How to Books" which were checked out and returned at the next meeting. Wow, it grew quickly and the question was "how to fund this library and allow it to grow". We started off with small fund raisers and now we have our spring seminar that helps fund the library purchases. 

Finally the library grew so much that we needed to find a permanent place for all our books and periodicals - a place that is safe, and accessible.

We partnered with Genalogical Association of Sacramento (GAS). It was a 60-40 split of books.  Mary Pitts the librarian did most of the work.   

Arrangements were finalized with Casa Robles High School. Materials were placed in locked shelving in the Casa Robles High School Library. But materials were only available when volunteers were available to open shelving. This was a down side for us & wasn't working.

We next were able to move to the Sylvan Oaks Library, Citrus Heights, but unfortunately that arrangement didn't work out either. We moved to the Carmichael Public library in 1982 for a combined collection with GAS and the City/County Library in a small room. We painted the walls and bought shelves and were happy. We soon out grew that little room within a few years so we were allowed to expand into to the Genealogy Room.  We soon outgrew this room and the Library moved us to the main section of the library, this was not satisfactory to us.

We set out on a two year search to relocate our Collection. GAS decided to take up the offer from the Sacramento Public Library to house their books with them. 

Root Cellar SGS continued to search for a new home. Through the contacts of Joyce Buckland (an active member) that she had with the new building of the California State Archives she arranged for an interview with the State Archivist, John Burns. At this time they were located in Roseville California, northeast of Sacramento. Mr Burns  thought it would be a good idea to have a genealogy library located in the new building.  In February 1995 California State Archives and Root Cellar SGS moved into the new building for the CA State Archives, located at their current location at 1020 "O" Street, Sacramento. We have our own room on the fourth floor right off the main Research Room and we have been happy in this location ever since - 2 years short of 20 years. We have a great working relationship with the staff  & Archivist Nancy Leniol at the CA State Archives

We purchased a new copy machine for our genealogy room with money we raised selling candy.

The Collection now contains around 5000 books and periodicals from more than 200 other Genealogical Societies from the United States and Canada. We exchange periodicals with over 100 other societies. Periodicals are placed in binders and placed on the shelves for use. We have a large Ohio periodical collection. The collection also has available member donated surname cards, pedigree charts and other member submitted material such as the "Pioneer Certificate" materials. Our Collection contains a number of old county histories donated by members. Plus some city directores.

We are one of the few libraries in California to have the
             26 Volume plus index set of the Confederate Veterans Magazine
             60 Volume set of Germans to America1875-1888
             70 or more Volumes on the Revolutionary War
             17 volumes of the Mayflower Families
             39 Volume set of The Doomsday Books 
             California1890 Great Registers
We also have a copy of every book extracted and published by Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society - which is way over 30 and continuing.

Root Cellar SGS has received some remarkable donations mainly from members, alot have been incorporated into our library. Duplicates are offered to our members first and then to other genealogy groups.

The library collection grows each and every month with purchases and donations.
Now money is raised & budgeted to support the Library from raffles, seminars and donations.

Root Cellar SGS members are in the middle of a complete inventory. This is a lengthy process, with a learning curve on new software. When it is finished we expect to have a computerized catolog for our patrons use.

         What are all the special collections in our library?
Come back again or better yet sign up with your email and receive our blog posts in your email box  .......  I will be doing a review of some of the special items we have

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishful Wednesday - Merry Christmas

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward, photos from member Judy Nissila

 Merry Christmas Around the World

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society celebrated the season with their annual Holiday Party. It is a celebration, a learning session, a fund raiser and so much fun with others of like mind.

Root Cellar SGS asks its members to bring a plate of sweets to share, the organization purchases a festive cake, coffee and punch. Usually our resident teacher Glenda Gardner Lloyd gives a short learning session and this year is no exception "Periodicals" Thank You Glenda. And last but most important for the organization, we ask our members to bring a wrapped gift (or two) - genealogy related but not necessarily, to be raffled off. So members have three ways of helping the organization, they can bring the gifts to be raffled off, or they can buy the raffle tickets to win the the donated gifts or they can do both. Most members choose to do both ............ and several members bring many wrapped gifts. Thanks to all. It makes for a super fundrasier for the library and for other activities the Society is involved in.
It is a fun night, it is fun to have a social time to talk with others, to renew friendships, and to make new friends. I hope that you will enjoy the following pictures from the evening........
I am very thankful this year........we have a wonderful place to meet this year. Christ Community Church, 5025 Manzanita Drive, Fair Oaks, California. We have a spacious room, great lighting, a wall of windows, heat and air, wifi available, microphone & speakers, overhead, pull down screen, and they set up/break down the room for us. And look for this month they have also included several decorated Christmas Trees and decorations along the window sills. As you can see the gifts that were donated by our members on both sides and behind Diane Maltese our President 

IF you were at the Holiday Party you would recognize Marsha and Diane as the elves for the evening. Great Job ladies. Marsha is our current publicity chair.


Refreshment table was decorated and full of goodies. OMG and oh so good. All sorts of goodies. Members are very generous and creative. And you can see the Society cake right in the middle. (story behind the cake: October we celebrated 35 years as a society with cake and matching cupcakes. All cupcakes were eaten and the cake remainded uncut. So a generous member wrapped it up and froze it and so you see it again in December - it is gone this time) 
Special thanks to Fran Marlow for , decorating, coodinating, setting up the refreshments tables and then cutting the cake and serving it. Fran is alwasy the hostess.  (sorry no picture of Fran)
Of course the evening would not be complete without our resident teacher Glenda Gardner-Lloyd (first President of the Society and continues to participate in many ways  - teaching and is our Parlimentarian).
The presentation tonight was about Periodicals, what are they, what is contained in them, where to find them, and good sources of past periodicals. Big Thanks for Glenda.
And now for our guests............ we got pictures of almost everyone before the batteries 'died' Don't forget to check out the background of the pictures too.

Thank You to Judy Nissila for the pictures we have 




When I got home, I put together a short video for you...... I know that you were curious about what was in some of those packages, what kind of gifts did I receive? (....and so now I can imagine some of the many gifts that John, Billie, Carolee, Judy and others received.) Yes it only takes one ticket to win but since many of us  each bought $20 worth we did shamelessly win our share. Unfortunately, I spent quite a bit of time trying to upload my short video without any luck. Sorry. So here goes

  • one was a darling ceramic gingerbread house with a small candle in back
  • a vanilla scented candle in a glass container (I love gingerbread and vanilla scents......  thank you  
  •  two wonderful ceramic santa tree ornaments  I LOVE THEM.
  • a tin can of creme de Pirouline-  rolled wafer chocolate hazelnut - oh my goodness!
  •  large box of chocolate covered cookies - I will try to share them but ..........
  • a sweet miniture birdhouse candle
  • one package had three parts to it.......  box of CD's (great for recording family information and storing pictures), a zippered pouch to store the CD's and a wonderful 3-1 touch stylus, LED light, and a writing pen
  • a wonderful hand made 3 hanger plaque used for many different types of items from clothes to jewelry to crafts.....  thank you Billie
  • and last a delicious plateful of fudge with the recipe "YES RECIPE INCLUDED!" Big thanks to Glenda - ooops all gone
 Thanks to everyone for their thoughtfulness and generousity with their donations - gifts and food.
Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Black Sheep Sunday ---- aka U S Congress - Another Rider That Doesn't Belong

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward with help from the Legal Genealogist and Peggi
Rossi CSGA Legislative Watch Chair

Remember a few days ago, I was telling you about the Legal Genealogist Blog and that SSDI might be blocked off to researchers. I was encouraging you to bookmark her blog and keep up with the legal items that have to do with genealogy that may affect your ability to research or hinder it. I hope that you have done that. It just keeps you informed.

Bad news!

Well, Congress passed the budget yesterday and included in it is a restriction on access to the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). It is now headed to the President for signature and unfortunately he will probably sign it.

I just to not understand how something totally unrelated to the budget could be attached and pass through. I know I know it happens all the time, but why, why should it happen, why do we allow it to happen? What can we do to prevent this type of behavior? Shouldn't each bill be passed on its own. Why aren't the Senators and House Reps looking out for the people - stop with the favors and playing politics. Pay attention to what you are doing. NO RIDERS!! No more.

The bill reads:

"The Secretary of Commerce shall not disclose to any person information contained on the Death Master File with respect to any deceased individual at any time during the 3-calendar-year period beginning on the date of the individual's death, unless such person is certified under the program established under subsection (b). . ."

Peggy Rossi California State Genealogical Association Legislative (CSGA) Watch Chair writes..........
"It could be worse as access was not completely cut off but it will make it more difficult to find folks who died recently, particularly for those who do heir searching, etc. Go to Legal Genealogist and read today's entry for more details on that.

I went on to FamilySearch this morning and copied off all SSDI entries for deaths from 2010 to 2013 for my more unusual family names (obviously Smiths would be too much). There is nothing in the bill that says what is already out there must be removed but it could end up being interpreted that way so it might be good idea to access what you can now. This bill will take effect immediately upon the President's signature."
ALSO read Newsweek online article written by Leah McGrath Goodman/ Dec 18 2013

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Society Saturday - Periodicals - Keep or Toss?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society is very proud of its genealogical library housed on the fourth floor of the California State Archives Building, 1020 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Easy access is traveling by lightrail and get off at the Archives Square Exit which is right in front of the building.

These pictures are already outdated. We have had to renovate, and change the floor plan a couple of times since this was taken. But it shows a partial view of the periodicals we have on our shelves. Periodicals make up quite a bit of a genealogical library- space wise. Space is valuable. We are always asking can you locate the informaiton in the periodicals online? Are periodicals outdated? Are they going away with the digitizing of periodicals? How do we store digitized periodicals? How to share the information?


As almost all genealogical libraries around the country are having a deliema of what do with all the periodicals that have accumulated from many many years and how to handle the periodicals that have changed from the paper form to a digital form. This is a big concern for many of us, our librarys continue to grow with many wonderful books and publications from around the country and the world. Periodicals still have a lot of value. We have periodicals from very local groups, eithnic groups, statewide groups, & national groups. Each representing another aspect of family research and from different parts of the country. Each has surnames, each has queries, transcripts for family Bibles, cemetery records, land records, court records and so much more. All still as much value when published to today.

It use to be that all periodicals that Allen County Public Library - Genealogical Department, Fort Wayne, Indiana received were all indexed into a system called PERSI (Periodical Source Index).  It was published & updated from 1847 to 1985, which formed 16 volumes. Root Cellar SGS Library has two of the volumes on their shelves. PERSI was available on Ancestry.com but it is no longer. FINDMYPAST.com has purchased this database. I do not know if they will continue to add to PERSI database or if it will remain the same. The database does include many periodicals from Canada, Germany, England and others. If you have a Roseville Library Card you can log on to their catalog and enter HeritageQuestOnline.com. PERSI is available on HeritageQuestOnline.com.  Good Luck!

Suggestions for finding periodicals for the areas you are interested in....... GOOGLE it

         i.e.:  genealogical periodicals Stark County, Ohio (obviously you substitute your county.state)

Many questions have come up How is your organization handling this:
We were just going to put up the digitized periodicals that we are receiving on our website but for members only. But what are the copyright issues? Do we need to contact each organization to ask permission?

What is your genealogical library doing with the change from paper to digital form?" How do you allow your members to read these publications? Or do they? Do you send them out to your members when it arrives or do you put it up on your website for members only area or do your members even have access to the digital form anymore? Do you need to get permission from the organization to publish their periodicals to our members or in the members only area of the website?

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Fridays Faces From the Past - Giving Back to the Community

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

What is your Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society Extraction Committee doing for you and the genealogy community at large?

We are very happy to give back to the community and we are hoping that there are dedicated volunteers in all the other states that are doing the same thing. [hint hint:  Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and all the other states- Thank You!!)

Please check out our complete list of publications that we have completed.

RIGHT NOW - every Friday morning at the Center for Sacramento History we all meet and extract till noon. It really is very interesting work- strange, intertesting, very sad and funny items throughout all the projects.

"Sacramento County Coroner Inquest Records"  1850 - 1978

Let me give you some idea of what this project consists of and how an assigned box is indexed........... (yes we are indexing this project not extracting) 

This project is kept in boxes in the backroom 'vault' at the Center of Sacramento History. There are approximately 99 archival boxes in this one project. A volunteer is assigned to one box at a time.  Each box could hold 1 to 18+ folders depending on the size of the case.  Each volunteer alphabetically organizes the inquest file in each folder and numbers each folder numerically in that box.  Each case in the folder is then indexed with as much of the following information that is available: 
Surname, Given Name, Age, Date of Birth, Nativity Date of Death,              Cause of Death, Case Number (the earlier files do not have a number) and Box and File Number 
Of course there is a lot more information in the actual case files but this is only an Index project.  The files are available at the Center for Sacramento History.  Although most of the volunteers work their own box to completion but those who do not have access to a laptop will sort and lable each file and box and then another volunteer will input the data into the computer to a special form.  Some will scan the information and then transcribe it on their home computer. 
We will welcome anyone who has a desire to help.  The information we see is fascinating and a huge bonanza for anyone looking for that "little bit of extra information" you won't find in the regular records.

"City of Sacramento Records of Death and Internments" 3 volumes
1921 - 1925, 1925 - 1920, and 1941 - 1944 

We are extracting these 3 huge volumes page by page ....... we are including the following intormation if available......

Date of Death, Full Name, Nativity, Cause of Death, Depostion of Body

Like the first project it is being inputted directly into a spreadsheet on a computer right from the original volumes. Like all original documents, the reading the handwriting is probably the most difficult part of the extraction. Slow work but it will be well worth the effort. Like all projects these will be proofed several times. AND then Marilyn does her magic completing the project for the public to use.


"Sacramento County Sheriff' Mug Books"  4 volumes
.......... see my December 7th post on Society Saturday    AND
.........  see my December 11th post on Wordless Wednesday

We will be working on all these projects for a long time. But we do have a list of suggested projects to begin as new members come to help. So come on down and help get these records extracted and out to the public. Contact Marilyn for questions and directions.
Lots of fabulous genealogical information in all of these efforts! We want to share all of it with all of you.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Workday Wednesday - VOTE on Your Break or Lunchtime

Editor's note:  Todays post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward  & graphics from the ABA website &  Dick Eastmans Blog

I really wanted to pass this onto all our members and guests ......  this is a timely post ending Friday December 20th but I feel it is important to get the word out there, take some pride and have some fun along the way.

Vote For Your Favorite Genealogy Legal Blog

Blawg100I have featured articles and items from time to time from the Legal Genealogist blog.........  items that might affect you and I as family researchers. It is important that we all keep up with these items and take action when needed to protect and keep our documents open to us.

So that being said, let us have some fun and go and vote for our favaorite Legal Genealogy Blog             "Legal Genealogist" blog. So you can get to the voting from the link above or go straight to the American Bar
ABA voting site 

You will be asked to register. It is free, painless and it helps it keep everything on the up and up - no voting more than once. But you can vote for up to 13 blogs. I only care about the Legal Genealogist and getting her recognition in the Legal world for family researchers all over the globe. Judy Russell does an excellent job keeping us updated of any news - good or bad.

So register and then you will be faced with many categories to choose from. Click on  NICHE, scroll down till you see the Legal Genealogist. There is a box in the upper left hand corner. The top of the box has a question mark and says "votes" and the lower part says "Vote Now". CLICK on the Vote Now. Thank You.

You may want to browse the other blogs and categories.

Reminder the deadline to vote is Friday, December 20, 2013

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Wisdom Wednesday - DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA fa la la fa la la fa la la la la!

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

    HO! HO! HO! here is to the Happiest Holiday Season

Have you finished your holiday shopping? I have an good suggestion for you. It will also help you in your quest to find your ancestors through live relatives.
Yes it will help you find live relatives who may be able to help you discover those pesky lost ancestors.
         Well, what can it be?
 AncestyDNA kit.

Let Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society help you save money, and help you support us  - all at the same time. 

For $99 AncestryDNA will get you:

  • Breakdown of your genetic ethnicity
  • New relatives matches in real time
  • Simple integration with your Ancestry tree
  • Automatic updates to your results as new
    scientific discoveries are made
  • One test that works for men and women

DIRECTIONS to order your kit (s) and to get additional informaiton: 
Go to our website Scroll down to Ancestry icon. Click on the AncestryDNA kits image to see the special offer from Ancestry.com. Be sure to note the code for free shipping (FREESHIPDNA) for later use if you decide to purchase the kit. This free shipping offer expires Dec. 31, 2013. In order for Root Cellar SGS to receive credit for your purchase you do need to go through the Ancestry.com icon on our website.
[NOTE:If your Internet browser accepts cookies from Ancestry.com, then Root Cellar may receive a commission on any purchases you make.]
NOTE also Root Cellar SGS is eligible to win a cash prize from Ancestry for the top three DNA kits sellers. First prize is $25,000, second $10,000 and third $5,000. Of course, We are happy to win any of the prizes but we have just become illigible to offer this, so we are just thrilled to be able to offer this good deal.
REMEMBER: deadline December 31, 2013
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Motivation Monday - A Call to Arms - Are You Aware ........?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

It would seem that there is something to get up in arms about again in the genealogy community..........  an alert from the  California State Genealogical Society (CSGA), part watchdog for all of the family researchers, has directed us to the Legal Genealogist Blog who is a true legal watchdog for all of us in the genealogy community. 

For those who attended the Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society Holiday Party this week, we were given this very website to read with urgency.
Please read Judy Russell's blog The Legal Genealogist (read December 13 post- scroll down when you get to the main page)
"The current budget agreement includes a closure of the SSDI for three years after a person's death. While not as bad as it could be, this poses problems for forensic genealogists, heir searchers, etc. Judy has a good blog entry on this and directs you to other sites with information so you can contact your representative." says Peggy Rossi, CSGA Legislative Watch Chair
Keep an open mind.
Go to website and Read. 
Bookmark the website.
Keep up-to-date.
Keep yourself informed.
Voice your opinion.
Get involved and stay involved.
Some things are worth the fight, some are not!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Society Saturday - Publications, Publications, Publications

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner Benward

Check us out we have been extracting for almost all of our 35 years..........  with very few exceptions, we meet Friday mornings at 9am till noon at the Center of Sacramento History to extract.
Happy times!!


                                           Introducing our fearless leader Marilyn Ulbricht
Anyone that has done any extraction knows that the project is not done when you finish the extraction. Now it needs to be proofed, (like Marilyn is doing in the picture above) and depending on what the project is, how complex or lengthy it may need another proofing. After that is completed the finish detail work begins. Questions to ask: Are you putting it up on the website for all to use, if so do you have room on the website or will you need to store it in dropbox or another storage area; are you putting it into a paper form to distribute or/and sell, who is doing the copy work?; are you going to scan it and run it through a program like lulu.com to store and to sell? 
So with input from the committee and board members, this is what Marilyn does after these questions are answered. She goes way above and beyond to make each publication the best it can be. Publications for sale now.

Here is Toni Ryan and Linda Johnson (and Debora Sharpless, Diane Alaskin, Ruth Barton, Linda Wensrich, LuEllen Pentengell-  not pictured) working on their project boxes with    
                       "Sacramento County Coroner Inquest Records"  1850 - 1978.


Billie Helms also working on her project box with the
               "Sacramento County Coroner Inquest Records"  1850 - 1978.


                                              Charlene Eberwine  working on the volume of the

                              Sacramento County Sheriff' Mug Books

Sandra Benward and Lois Shumaker (not pictured) are working on the "City of Sacramento Records of Death and Internments" - 3 volumes1921-1925, 1925-1929and 1941-1944 

If you have an interest in helping please contact Marilyn     

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday OR NOT - Scan, Camera or iPhone?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward with picture from Charlene Eberwine through the Center of Sacramento History

YES, mug books again......... As you may or maynot know, Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society  is very active extracting, and indexing records from the Sacramento California area. We have been extracting for almost all of our 35 years. For at least the past 10years that I have been a member of Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society has partnered with the Center of Sacramento History and have gotten great guidance from its archivist and vounteer coordinator Patricia Johnson. Big Thanks goes out to Pat and the Center.

Charlene sent me this page from the Sacramento County Sheriff Mug Book she is working from. I thought you would like to see what the actual page looked like that she is acually extracting from.


Down at the Center we always talk about the different types of hats that each man wears. Times were different and many men did wear a hat as part of their overall attire but some of the hats in the pictures look the same. Some of the hats don't even fit, but they were wearing it anyway, probably not alot of choices. We wonder if each man's picture was taken with a hat on whether they owned one or not.
Charlene and Marilyn (Ulbricht) are working on this project. The mug shots books are in such poor condition that we need to be extra careful. The binding on the books has deterioated so much that they are kept in special boxes now. Both Charlene and Marilyn are using their own Flip Pal's to make the copies of the mug pictures. They have both said how easy it has been to use the Flip Pal. Originally we were talking about the Magic Wand Scanner or taking the mug shots with our camera or Iphone, but the Flip Pal won out. Don't know how much longer the project will take but when it is done we will certainly have preserved a valuable resource for the Sacramento, California area.
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Society Saturday ......... Mug Books

Editor's note: Posted today by Sandra Gardner Benward - written by Charlene Eberwine

Sacramento County Sheriff Mug Books


The Root Cellar extraction volunteers are currently working at the Center for Sacramento. One of the projects is scanning the photos and transcribing the four Sacramento County mug books which are of the men with a few women included.  They begin in 1874 and continue through 1924.  The information within the books vary greatly from giving physical detail to “just the facts” of name, date, crime and sentence. Under the guidance of Marilyn Ulbricht - each week we all work on a project for Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society. In the background Mairlyn is doing some proofing of materials already extracted. Charlene Eberwine with her computer is inputting the pictures and information from one of the four Sacramento County mug books. Very interesting stuff!!

See some samples from these mug books below. 
Harry LAKE page 174
1 year Burglary 2nd degree
Los Angeles
19 Feb 1917
Folsom, #7147

F. VENAZUELLA   page 174
3 years Embezzlement
San Diego
17 Feb 1917
San Questin #24851

Edd alias M. MILLER alias PETERSON  page 175
1 year Robbery
20 Feb 1927
Walla Walla 1 term [M. Peterson]

John DOE  page 176
3 years Burglary 1st degree
13 mar 1917

These original Sacramento County mug books are available for research at the Center of Sacramento History, 551 Sequoia Pacific Boulevard,  Sacramento, CA,  95811-0229, 916-808-7072,
Research hours are by appointment only.

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