Friday, February 12, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: WHO is in Our Preserves? a stranger or a friend you have not met yet......

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

It is such a small world....  while attending SLIG in January, during the week long session "US Records", while participating in the research group for the class was Mary Kircher Roddy ... she was one of four in our project group for the class.

Her name was familiar but couldn't place it ((I am sure you have been there before yourself) ... we became friends through out the week and exchanged ideas and shared experiences and did a couple of happy dances together in the library. Oh those happy dances!! Mary live in the Seattle, Washington area so that would not be the connection.

As soon as I mentioned Root Cellar SGS, she knew the connection..........

 "October 2015 Root Cellar PRESERVES Volume 37 No. 3 'Read ‘em or Weep – Finding Your Family in Historic Newspapers By Mary Kircher Roddy" and there was the connection......  a written article in our own RC Preserves..... if you as a member have not read it or don't remember it, or need to refresh, I would suggest going back and read it. Very informative about finding newspaper articles. There are lots of good resources to help... (sorry you need to be a member to see this article)  Thank you so much Mary........

Since SLIG Mary created a new blog "Searching Stories" . She says it is a lot of fun to research and write the posts. AND oh boy, I can second that!!

Mary has a good background in genealogy. While in Salt Lake City I found her to be a very good researcher. I have since found her name on several other events including a Legacy Webinar. Do you remember that one? With my membership with Legacy I may go back in re-watch this one again, since I am trying to find living descendants also known as COUSINS. AGAIN, thanks Mary.

.........and she will be teaching at Jamboree in Burbank in June 2016.........  topic looks very interesting to me.

SUNDAY- SU012 Read 'em or Weep: Promise and Pitfalls in Newspaper OCR 
Learn where to find free and pay newspaper sites online. Understand how to put OCR mistakes to work for you to increase search results. Level: All. (Mary Kircher Roddy

About Mary

So this is just a little more about an author in our PRESERVES who began as a stranger at a conference I attended.... As I said at the beginning what a small world...  you never know who you will meet, who is the person sitting on your right? or on your left at the next conference you attend? Who is the person sitting next to you at the next class you attend? A very small world.......... so next time you take a class or attend a conference, take time to introduce yourself, you could be sitting next to a distant cousin.......

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