Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Root Cellar Ramblings is now on the Blog Roll at Geneabloggers, a community of over 1,800 authors and readers of genealogy-related and family history blogs brougtht to life by Thomas MacEntee.  You don't need to have a blog to find value in this website.

Blogs can be a useful source for family history research. Take a moment to browse the list of blogs on Geneabloggers.  Search by keyword such as surname or location. That's how I found Midwestern Microhistory which provides information about many midwest family history resources I might not have found on my own. That's how researchers with Sacramento roots will find the Root Cellar Ramblings Blog and the resources our genealogical society has to offer.

Leave a comment about what you found on Geneabloggers.

P.S. Be sure to check out the other nifty resources on Geneabloggers such as GeneaWebinars and BlogTalkRadio.

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