Sunday, September 16, 2012

Writer Wanted for Der Blumenbaum

Der Blumenbaum is interested in hearing from people who like the kind of work we do in our Sacramento German Genealogy Society – and who would be eager to present, in writing, useful and interesting articles to be read by amateur, as well as practiced, German family historians.

We are looking for –
  • A writing style, the success of which is measured by readers’ eagerness to read the content
  • Some knowledge of (and some passion for) German family history and culture
  • An understanding of the needs, questions, confusions, and expectations of a membership that is highly diverse in its knowledge of and familiarity with German genealogy
  • A firm understanding that potential readers, many of whom might prefer to be watching TV or lying on the beach, need to be courted, sometimes strenuously, before they will read a specialized quarterly journal
  • The writer’s ability to use a computer
We are not looking for –
  • A journalistically fine presentation of material that is out of step with the interests and needs of our members
  • Case studies“Folksy” stories
  • Writers who yearn to be published more than they yearn to be read
What is the compensation?
  • The pay is negotiable. It would increase to the degree that readers respect and admire the product
  • We would hope for an eventual outcome whereby the writer would enter into a contract, the compensation for which would be determined for a specific time period
  • Well-read material earns higher dollars.
Those interested may contact: SGGS, P.O. Box 660061, Sacramento, CA 95866-0061, or email:

Submitted by the Sacramento German Genealogical Society
Posted by Denise H. Richmond

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