Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Madness - Tweets are ALL Indexed! WHAT?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

I first read about on Dick Eastman's Blog  ....... It is another search engine but specialized -  I can hardly believe that there is a website that has indexed every Twitter message since the first tweet we posted in 2006.  The website says this is about 425 billion pieces of information which includes photos. The count also includes pages that were linked from Twitter. YIKES!!! they have indexed all these messages.......... I can barely tweet UNBELIEVABLE!!

Do you know that you can search through past tweets looking for genealogy or other information? Topsy can do that for you now. Best of all, Topsy is free.

Topsy, like some other search engines,  provides a search box to enter the words or phrases you are searching for. Topsy  then displays what it thinks are the most relevant results.

I searched on our own hashtag (#rootcellarsgs ) YES we are on Twitter.......  and I found 3 tweets
Root Cellar SGS @rootcellarsgs
Root Cellar SGS @rootcellarsgs
had a great time #rootstech 2013 excellent sessions #genealogy #rootcellarsgs
I can see that Root Cellar SGS has alot of followers but not alot of tweeting going on. If you Tweet it would be great if you would Tweet about Root Cellar SGS also............. get the word out!

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