Sunday, March 29, 2015

Motivation Monday - National Genealogical Society Conference

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

So the next big genealogy conference is right around the corner...... Are you going?

FYI: The early bird registration discount ends Monday, 30 March. In addition to enjoying a $35 discount, only early birds have the opportunity to order a printed syllabus. If you are going you need to register now.
    May 13-16, 2015  
National Genealogical Society (NGS)
St. Charles, Missouri 

This is going to be a very popular place for a conference..... more people than not have a relationship with Missouri and/or its surrounding 8 states. So many resources are available- so many library's and archives.

Are you going to be there? Have you made your hotel reservations yet? I sure hope the answer is YES because quite a number of the hotels are full up. Good Luck! Have you registered yet? It is time to do that and to make sure you get tickets to the other activities, events, luncheons etc. you need to register now.

Have you been following NGS blog? If not, whether you are going or not you can certainly learn quite a bit.

There will be two different tracks of live streaming sessions especially for those that will not be able make the conference in person. Read more about it. For those that are attending, you also have the opportunity to purchase both or either track and then while at conference you have the opportunity to expand your viewing of sessions by viewing the purchased ones after you return home. You will be able to view all that you paid for - up to 90 days after the conference closes (16 Aug 2015). Now that is a good deal.

Besides reading all about pre-conference, & conference speakers, presentations, societies, events, activities etc from the NGS blog posts, there is also a group of genealogy blogs that have been designated as the official media for the conference........... check it out and keep yourself in the know from day to day as the conference progresses............ Official Media. No this time I will not be attending the conference, maybe some of our other members that are attending will send me some updates from time to time...... (hint! hint!)

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