Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday - Everyone Loves a Good Mystery!!

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward with references from Lynne Roberts

Lynne Roberts is a long time member of Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society, she heads our LOOK UP assistance program, and is a very avid researcher.

Root Cellar SGS received a package in the mail from an outside researcher, Shelley Cardiel.  It was then packaged up and sent to our own Lynne Roberts. Shelley was asking for help in identifying living relatives of "Blanche Philippi's family".  Lynne would be the person to take on this challenge.

And the fun begins...................

on the reverse side is written
Blanche Philippi, Sac., June, '92 SNS

Soooo!  what do you think?

I wish someone would find a picture of one of my ancestors (Gardner, Branfield, Dietz, Little, Brownrigg etc) and share it with me. (hint hint)

Where would you start?
What would be your first step towards locating this living family?

Lynne does have some good clues already just from the picture......
she has her name, the location and year the photo was taken ...... she has the photographers name, and address. Never know if that photographer's business is still in existence. Maybe his photos and other items were been donated as a collection to a museum, library, or archives?

Humbly I might say, my first step would be to do a simple 'GOOGLE' search on this young ladies name, location and year, and also on the photographer's name too.  (I have had some great finds that surprised me by just using Google) Depending on what the Google search revealed, probably my next step might be to check the name in and I might even check with the Center for Sacramento History and see if the name is in any of their databases. What about you?

Let's see what Lynne does.
Good Luck Lynne.

Any suggestions are very welcome 

please include Blanche in subject line


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