Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Preserves the Pension: War of 1812

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

If you have not heard yet, Root Cellar SGS is creating another opportunity to help in the 

   'Preserve the Pension War of 1812" Digitization Project......       ...................this is an ongoing project.. 

The War of 1812 Pension Digitization Project is continuing as FGS ongoing mission of preserving the War of 1812 Pension records and make them available to the genealogical public. New images are posted at regular intervals of Ancestry.

Yes you are remembering right, we did run this same project in 2013. We matched contributions up to $500. We received well over $500 in donations that time. We are hoping that you will be just as generous this time. These will be a valuable records for all researchers and will be free to everyone and will be available immediately after digitization. The are just over 50% complete at this point. But of course the cost of this project is making it go so slow. BUT little by little, with every dollar received they are able to digitize these records thanks to your contributions..........  societies and organizations around the country are running the same event. You are all in good company. Give what you can. We are starting to receive some donations, so keep them coming. We thank you in advance. 

We are only running this till December 31, 2015 so time is short. Write your checks now or go online and send a donation through PayPal. We will then forward donations plus matching funds to the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS). They will forward the funds to who will again match the funds they receive.

      ex: $500 raised donations will be matched by Root Cellar SGS = $1000. Root Cellar SGS will forward the $1000 to FGS who will forward it to who will match our $1000 to make it $2000.  Our $500 donation has grown to $2000. It costs about 45cents to digitize a page, each dollar will digitize two pages.... so $00 will digitize 1000 pages BUT the $2000 will digitize 4000 pages. ... what a major difference. Thanks to FGS and and to YOU.

Go to Root Cellar SGS, click on the Preserve the Pension ICON at the top of the home page, fill out the form, print it out and mail it in (or bring it to the December Meeting - checks made out to Root Cellar SGS) OR use the convenient PayPal options. BUT whatever you do, please do it now........   
Thank You for your generosity! 

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