Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jamboree - Day One and Two

I don't remember what day it is anymore but this has been my class schedule:
Curt Witcher
  • advanced beginning genealogy on free Friday morning (Jennifer Shaw and Sam Ward)
  • searching for living people (Thomas MacEntee)
  • using veteran's censuses (Leland Meitzler)
  • evaluating evidence (John Philip Colletta)
  • marketing a genealogical society (Thomas MacEntee)
  • using ancestral origins as research tools (Curt Witcher)
  • blogger summit part 2 (Thomas MacEntee, panel)
    l-r: Kathryn Doyle, Elyse Doerflinger,
    Dick Eastman, Joan Miller, the Blogger Summit Panel
  • English/Welsh research (Margo McKinstry)
  • l-r: Denise Richmond, Sandi Benward,
    Thomas MacEntee, Ron Setzer at Blogger Summit
  • social networking for researchers (Drew Smith)
I have been well-fed at the hotel restaurant, across the street at less expensive cafes and an ice cream shoppe. 

Bloggers were welcomed at an ice cream social organized by Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers and sponsored by  I can report that no Root Cellar member wore a grass skirt on their head or otherwise...oops I forgot, what happens at Jamboree, stays at Jamboree.

Kim Von Aspern, Sandi Benward,
and Denise Richmond
 We enjoyed meeting Dick Eastman, owner of the Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter, who was also a panel expert for Blogger Summit. We caught up with Root Cellar member Kim Von Aspern, also a blogger. 

Dick Eastman and Denise Richmond
l-r: Ron Setzer, new Blogger Friend, Scott Richmond 

Posted by Denise Hibsch Richmond


  1. Hi, the "new Blogger Friend" in the last picture is Jo Arnspiger.

    I met Denise, but missed meeting Ron and Sandi. Next time!

  2. Randy, thanks for identifying Jo. It was nice meeting you at Blogger Island.

  3. And I'm the gal in the bright yellow shirt talking to Randy. Kim von Aspern-Parker (RootCellar member)

  4. Denise Hibsch RichmondJune 29, 2011 at 5:20 PM

    Thanks for "stopping by" Kim!


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