Thursday, October 20, 2011

Free concert, German style - November 12

  comes to us from Shirley Riemer of the Sacramento German Genealogical Society.........  thanks Shirley.             

Bet you haven't received an invitation like this for a while – an invitation to an event that traces back 157 years! And it's free!

Yes, you're invited to join in a tradition dating back to 1854 – the annual concert of the Sacramento Turner Harmonie. This is the 157th year for the Harmonie's concerts! The Harmonie, by the way, is the oldest German choir on the West Coast.

Back in 1854 and before, Germans were streaming to America by the hundreds of thousands, and German singing societies were springing up everywhere. In fact, Sänger activities were so active and so plentiful that they are credited with forming a sort of “social cement” to hold those new and vibrant German communities together. The Harmonie has played a vital role in this 19th century tradition.

Now, 157 years later, our very own “German singing society,” is still performing, this year with the concert title, “Musikalisches Allerlei.” You'll enjoy the old songs – some endearing, some feisty, and still others wondrously melodic – all directed by our talented and enthusiastic director Kate Janzen.

(By the way, don't you love success stories? Here's one for you: Ten years ago, a certain two high school seniors sang with the Harmonie. Now, these ten years later, both young men are returning as professional musicians to sing at the concert, each performing as a soloist: Jon Hansen and David Paterson. Witness for yourself the wonders that age and lots of intense training can produce – in just ten years!)

Please consider staying after the concert for a tasty German-style dinner – Jägerschnitzel, Rotkohl (red cabbage), roasted potatoes, green salad, and a Blattler's-baked dessert (always a delicious surprise). The concert is free, of course.You can enjoy the Harmonie's dinner with only a small charge and a reservation.


What: The Sacramento Turner Harmonie annual concert, “Musikalisches Allerlei”

When: Saturday, November 12, 2011, beginning at 3:30 p.m.

Where: Sacramento Turn Verein, 3349 J Street, Sacramento

Post-concert activities: No-host bar, dancing to the music of Don Sommerfeld

Admission: Free


What: A German-style (Jägerschnitzel) dinner (see full menu above)

Time: 6 p.m., following the concert

Where: In the same Turn Verein hall where the Concert takes place

Following dinner: No-Host cocktails, and dancing to the music of Don Sommerfeld

Price of dinner: $25 per person

Reservations required: To reserve places for the dinner, contact Al Schlenker

Telephone: 916-488-7922

Postal address: Albert Schlenker, 620 Morris Way, Sacramento, CA 95864

Reservations procedure: Send your check ($25.00 per person), payable to “Sacramento Turner Harmonie,” to Al Schlenker (see address above). Reservations should be received by November 5.

Tickets will be held at the door.

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