Sunday, October 23, 2011

National Archives Joins iTunes U Community

This summer, the National Archives (NARA) launched its first station on iTunes U. iTunes U is a feature on Apple's iTunes that helps educational and cultural institutions disseminate information to the iTunes audience. Users can subscribe to the channel and access objects from the National Archives digital collection through the iTunes store, free of charge.

The first collections published on iTunes U by NARA included subjects such as important documents in American history, the Civil War, World War II newsreels, and the Civil Rights Movement. By subscribing to the National Archives iTunes U channel, users will be able to view videos and documents from the National Archives collection, giving us another way to reach new users!
When you see the National Archives show up or search on it -- you will then see what's available. Good Luck!

Editor’s Note: Access to Itunes U requires a connection to the ITunes Store through the iTunes app which you’ll be asked to download if you don’t already have it resident on your computer.

Editor’s Note: We learned about this in the current UpFront with NGS. They learned of this from the Autumn 2011 edition of the National Archives Researcher News. Previous issues are at this site:

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