Thursday, February 9, 2012

Root Cellar's General Meeting

Some of the items displayed during the "Show and Tell" portion of Root Cellar's general meeting on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.

An assortment of items given to a member by a distant cousin. A connection made with Great Grandparents.

Baptism dresses that crossed several generations.

A rescued photograph of an ancestor in the mid-19th century. Computer enhancement of the tin negative seen in the lower left portion of the frame.

And, a "What is it?" found on a family farm in Minnesota. Dates from the 1920s or so, but unsure what exactly it is.

Posted by Ron Setzer


  1. Such a lovely baptism dress! And could that last item be a pie safe? (I'm not exactly sure what a pie safe is, but it looks like what I imagine it would be.) How fun to see these treasures!

  2. Regarding my metal storage cabinet, I did some searching using Google images. It does to seem to fit being an ice box. The ones depicted were designed to have the ice positioned on a top shelf with space for air to circulate. Also, they usually had a door at the top to provide easy access to the block of ice. Some were insulated. So the mystery continues.


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