Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wrapping up at RootsTech Conference

Today was the final day of the RootsTech Conference..........  like yesterday I watched the keynote speaker this morning on my computer LIVE. Actually it was a panel.... an Panel. Tim Sullivan (President and CEO of, Eric Shoup (Senior Vice President of Product), Jonathan Young (Senior Vice President Technology Operations), Ken Chahine (Senior Vice President and General Manager, DNA), Scott Sorensen (Vice President of Development)........ Excellent Presentation. Looks like there is something going to be happening in the DNA area with but it is a guarded secret right now. Sounds like alot of great ideas, great things for the future. I was very impressed.

My first session of the day was suppose to " Using Our Nations Library Online" with Laura G Prescott.......  but the floor & walls were lined participants. Surprise Surprise! the Fire Marshall actually came around and made everyone leave the room that did not have a seat and that was me and several dozen other people. So I went across the aisle and enjoyed "Genealogy Podcasts and Blogs 101" with Lisa Louise Cooke. She is so upbeat and positive which is so refreshing. Of course she spoke from personal experience, from her humble beginnings to the podcast and blog it is today --  Genealogy Gems   There are lots of YouTube videos to help you start up if you are interested. I would check out her Website, she has a lot on there to help. Then onto "A Dozen Ways to Use Your iPad2 for Genealogy and Writing" with Lisa Alzo. Excellent. She did give 12 major categories to use your iPad2. She gave out alot of information for each category, covering many types of apps and programs. Really great! The Q&A was very interesting hearing the hints and tips for the rest of us. LUNCH TIME with presentor Kendall Hulet.  ....  the discussion was around mobile, social and other platforms to enhance our family history. Alot of hints of new things coming out but nothing definite. After lunch, I took my last trip through the Exhibit Hall. Sitting & talking with Jim Radar, then hung out with Thomas MacEntee, Kim vonAspern Parker, Katheryn Doyle and other bloggers for awhile, and of course a little shopping

 National Genealogical Society (NGS) Research Books for Ohio & Pennsylvania and for fun "State Boundaries of America"
 Several Genealogy at a glance for Immigration, German, Scottish & English Research Publications
 1864 Ohio Map - just about the time my ancestors were arriving in Ohio
.......and YES digital scrapbooking CD's. I did buy a little Scottish Cookbook too.

 and then off to the Family History Library till 5:30pm. Nothing. Just so frustrating. Next time!  7pm rolled around and I was visiting with Dick Eastman for dinner with 88 other of his closest friends. Buffet dinner with beef and chicken and yummy desserts. No program but great prizes. iPad2, FlipPal, 2 Behold Genealogy software (download a free trail), and 2- 1 yr subscriptions to Eastmans Premium Newsletter. I didn't win anything but it was a nice evening. A very diversified audience - people from Canada, Israel, Norway, England, Australia, New Zealand and all over the United States. Dick will be heading for England for the Who Do You Think You Are Conference.

Here is Dick with a friend from New Zealand. This past year she was honored by the Queen with her work in genealogy.

Time to pack and get to sleep.......  leaving about 8:30am for that long 10 hour drive home. NITE!!

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