Saturday, November 10, 2012

Society Saturday: Thomas MacEntee Reinvented

Thomas MacEntee
(Source: Thomas MacEntee)
Thomas MacEntee is a new man.  When you listen to him at the Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society Spring Seminar on March 16, 2013, you'll think he's been conducting genealogical research for decades. 

You'd be correct. 

What's new is that Thomas is now a professional genealogist, having turned his hobby into his livelihood -- and fairly recently.  Read more about our speaker's transformation in the recent article "Career Shift: Turn Your Hobby into a New Job" by Nancy Collamer.  Thomas' technology expertise acquired in his previous career has also served him well as he adapted it to the field of genealogical research. 

I hope you'll plan on attending the Spring Seminar next March.  You'll have an opportunity to meet a very friendly guy who will take you and your family history research gently toward the use of new technologies and social networking.  Read more about the topics he will present at the seminar.

posted by Denise H. Richmond

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