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Military Monday - Root Cellar Members Honor Veterans

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society honors the military service and sacrifices of its members and their ancestors.  Click on each link for an expanded story about these heroes.

George D. Marks
August 22, 1921 -
World War II - July 7, 1942 - November 10, 1945
PFC , 117th Radio Signal Intelligence Company

Born 9 December 1831, Warren County, Pennsylvania
Died 24 March 1905, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Civil War Service: 23 Sep 1861 - 5 Feb 1863
PFC, Company A, Michigan 8th Infantry Regiment
Great-greatgrandfather of Ron Setzer

Donald L. Whitney

Born 31 March 1926, Wentworth, New Hampshire
Died 6 March 2010, Lincoln, Placer, California
Coast Guard:  WW II and Korean War
Father of Robyn Whitney Fitzwater

Donovan K. Webster

Born 6 Jan 1931, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
Died 14 Jan 2008, Paul, Minidoka, Idaho
Korean War: Field Artillery unit operating
the 155mm Howitzer in the Fifth Armored Division
Recipient: Korean Service Medal with two service stars and the United Nations Service Medal for Korea
Father-in-law of  Curtis Jones

Edwin Hanisch
Born May 1917, Cleveland, Ohio
Died 1973, Sacramento, California
WWII Navy radio operator, where his German language skills monitoring German communications; served on the SS Tucker, a U.S. destroyer
Father-in-law of John Jay


Herman A. Hibsch
Herman August Hibsch (1878 - 1939)
Spanish American War, U.S. Calvary, 4th Regiment, Company M
Great-great Uncle of Denise H. Richmond

Alba W. Hibsch
Alba William Hibsch (1896 - 1959)
(standing second from right)
World War I, U.S. Army
Grandfather of Denise H. Richmond

Gian G. Fiorini
Born 1897, Traona, Italy, immigrated to the United States in 1914,
and became a U.S. citizen in 1928
Father-in-law of Nancy Fiorini
born 19 Jul 1892, Albany, Gentry County, Missouri
died 13 Mar 1966, Whittier, Los Angeles County, California.
Letter from the Front, a transcription of a letter written by Denise Miller's maternal grandmother’s brother Sherman Franklin Snow
Paris France Nov 11th 1918
Dear Folks:-
This morning at sunrise I was in this city on my return to camp and will go out to night. This has been the most wonderful day I ever spent. In fact I suppose it is that to every one but being in a city like this and some thing happens like this is beyond comparison. At 11 oclock no one knew of the armistis being signed, but...[Read More]

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