Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Travel - Taking a Bus Ride

On Wednesday several dozen excited family researchers will board a bus in the Sacramento Area and travel down to the NEW Sutro Library now on the University of San Francisco campua.

How to get ready for the trip? How do I ensure that I will be using my time wisely and getting the most out of the materials available?

I guess first you would check your genealogy software program to see who and what you will be researching. What do I have already? What am I missing?

Now after that is done, I would imagine that my next step would be to check the Sutro library catalogue. Search everything. Write or print out what you find. Organize your findings so that you are ready to go when you arrive at the library. Organize what you say? If you found several references in books, put those all together and organize them to their importance to you. Same with references to microfisch/ microfilm, histories, bios, etc. Work smart.

Like alot of other people, I don't have much research in California - just a small twig of my ancestral tree is in Pasadena, CA. So I will be doing some research for my granduncle John E. BRANFIELD and his wife Emma Belle KLINE and their two children Burdine and Paul and of course their grandchildren ..... all in the Pasadena area.

But you do know that the Sutro Library has more than just Northern California materials. It has materials from all over the world, so there is something for everone. You just need to search the catalogue and make a plan and then work your plan.

...from a very excited researcher Sandra Gardner Benward  

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