Thursday, April 11, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - a basket full of goodies

pictures & post by Sandra Gardner Benward 

Have you ever been to the Root Cellar SGS Spring Seminar?               It is always a sold out event with a full day of learning, sharing, buying and winning.

One thing they do that I have not seen done to the extent they do it....  "raffle baskets" - huge, filled to top, shrink wrapped and tied in a bow. They are amazing. I believe that the committee is collecting for these baskets all year long. Everything in all the baskets (except for wrapping materials) is donated from you. Now that is amazing.

March 16 2013 was the day of the last Seminar.  As you can see below there are 16 themmed baskets. The contents of the basket is all spellled out for you, no guessing games there. And it only takes one ticket to win but who buys one ticket. It is a fund raiser for the society and is well supported. (even though it tells you what is in each basket there is nothing like being able to actually touch and feel....  that is a whole other thing and you only experience this when you win one of these baskets)

After all these years of attending, I was lucky to win one. These baskets are packed with goodies, so packed that you will need a rolling cart and help to roll it out to your car .........  mine was no exception. Now of course getting into the car is another matter. Mine only fit in the passenger front seat, so I belted it in (sort of) and off we went.........  so excited!!

Do you wonder what could be in those baskets? I know they give a list but when you have it all out in front of you, you really wonder how it all fit in that basket. (note: the baskets are usually recycled back to the next Seminar Committee and they start all over again)

My Basket was named the "CRAFTY" basket,  and you will shortly see why it was named that. Attached to  my basket was a $100 gift certificate donated by one of our vendors "Family Tree Inspirations" This is going to be something special, an orginal family chart for the wall. OMG, that gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.  (Other donations came from Cox Black & White Lab (Custom Photographic Lab/ Sacramento CA)  and Family Roots Publishing Co., LLC  (excellent book selection for sale)

This is before the doors of the Seminar opened. All the baskets waiting, waiting waiting !!

That's me, Sandra Gardner Benward, MY Crafty Basket & $20 worth of tickets (and yes it only takes one ticket but you never know which one of those tickets will be the winner)
Below is a list of what is in the basket & my gift certificate. SWEET!!

A Big Thanks for Christine for her generousity. 
She donated several other gift certificates attached to other baskets
OK here we go. A picture is always worth a thousand words.
A little paint and a couple of pictures would make a nice gift for a grandchild to put on their wall
AND somewhat Genealogy related books plus a surprise in the FamilySearch bag - Syllabus for the 2012 Family Hitory Day Event at the California State Archives
Our Family Tree Book will make a nice gift for a young couple just starting out in life. (humm I have one or two of them in my life)
"How to Write Love Letters" is very interesting.  

Lots of paper products......... writing paper, note cards, tablets, bow around a tower of note pads, pencils, pens & highlighter in its own great box (that box looks very familiar)                               
I know you are looking at the flower packs at the bottom and thinking why are they there - they are not packets of seeds but note pads - so original. 

Photo Box, Scrapbooking Book plus DVD software (now I am very excited) plus some scrapbooking accents.....  and a small purse size picture album

.....odds and ends - Drafting paper, two packs of colorful craft sticks, lint cleaner, a sweet metal heart shaped box, a very flexible ruler, foam stamps and a great chocolate stamp plus that nice little strawberry on the top right of the drafting paper is in reality a shopping bag- the bag is all stuffed in the strawberry shape ready to use whenever needed - I like that.  

All different types of craft books, booklets - knitting (YEA!), lots of stenciling books & booklets, folk art, painting, candlewicking, hand towels to embroider on........... lots of booklets, materials, patterns, kits on sewing and quilting, a nice pin cushion (great color) plus a great Table Top Book titled "Creative Crafts and Stitchery"
Now you know it is meant for me - the only bookmark in the "Quick-Method Quilting" Book is for the "Snowball in OHIO" quilt. Any of you that know me know that I am a Buckeye Baby from Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio born too many years ago.
Something totally different found tucked in the Creative Crafts & Stitchery Book
is a typed letter (6 pages) 
Dated March 20, 1977 written to Roger & Rosalie from Frances                  
The first parapragh reads "I ran across this paper a couple of years ago, and then found it again just last week. I thought you two might want to read it. It's about the crucifixtion of Christ."
If someone recognizes this and wants it back please contact me and soon. 
Wow, what a haul! Now you know what to expect when you win a basket next year.
Mark your Calendars: April 5, 2014 with Geoff Ramussen of  Legacy Family Tree
more details to come online soon:
or you can always email us at with questions, comments or suggestions
Thank you ladies and gents of Root Cellar SGS
posted by Sandra Gardner Benward

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