Thursday, October 24, 2013

Following Friday - A New Home for a Local Genealogical Library

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Roseville Genealogical Society of Roseville California has a wonderful opportunity to move their genealogical library from the basement of the Carnegie Museum in Roseville to the Roseville Public Library Downtown Roseville. Contracts have been signed, an open house at the libray was held a couple of nights ago. Now it just needs to be approved by the City of Roseville Council. I am sure that is just a formality now. CONGRATULATIONS to the Roseville Genealogical Society and to the Roseville Public Library. This a big win-win for both organizations and for the public.

This is a big shout out from Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society to our sister genealogy society Roseville Genealogical Society. .

                                                            Roseville Public Library, Roseville CA


This is only one of the shelves that will house the Roseville Genealogical Society Collection of books. They also will have a locked up area with reference books. Only the docents from the society will be able to show those books and materials off.

This is part of the new genealogical section at the Library. Really a great move and super fit for both organizations. I believe it will bring more attention to their collections, books and materials and probably alot more interest in their society.
The Downtown Library is very nice, light and airy.......  so well lite! As you can see there are many glassed in rooms and areas sectioned with glass..........  makes it even more airy and well lighted. This certainly will make it a pleasure to watch over their books and spend time at the library.

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