Saturday, August 2, 2014

Society Saturday - Reminders! Reminders!

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

BIG reminder especially for our newer members 

There is NO general meeting in August
.....continue to travel, research and enjoy the summer
See you in September

However............ mark your calendar

and don't forget about the 
Root Cellar SGS's Daytime Workshop

Wednesday  20 August 2014 -part 3 (see below for more)
1pm - 3pm 

Sylvan Community Center
7521 Community Drive, Citrus Heights, California

Special Summer Series (turning into the rest of the year series) continues with Jim Radar and DNA - YEA!!!!

What a great opportunity to learn about this DNA thing. Ask your questions and get answers. Decide whether you want to take the test. And then do it. If you have the results (or are waiting for them) find out what is next? What does it mean?

Jim sent me this schedule for the remainder of the year.......  so I hope that you all will take advantage and come and learn.............

Aug 2014 - What do you get from an Autosomal test at each of the big 3 companies                          Intro to 3rd party tools 23 and Me
Sept 2014 – Advanced SNP Y-DNA tests (Big-Y, Geno 2.0, Chromo2,  Full Genome Y-DNA              
                  -3rd party tools from GEDmatch

Oct 2014 - Y-STR Y chromosome DNA tests Y-STR testing                                                    
                 – more 3rd party tools 

Nov 2014 - working with a course designed to help people get started using Autosomal DNA results

I will be there hanging on every word, YES, I am a novice when it comes to DNA and what to do with the results and I want to know what I have, and what to do with it. Thanks Jim.

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