Friday, December 16, 2011

Follow Friday - The New England House Historian

Today's article is a follow-up to Cath Madden Trindle's guest blog article about House Histories posted yesterday.  I forgot to mention that Cath is a wonderful and knowledgeable speaker.  Be sure to attend one of her lectures when the opportunity presents itself. 

Cath mentioned websites in her article and I want to recommend one for you to follow.  It's actually a blog by Marian Pierre-Louis titled The New England House Historian.  According to the blog, Marian is a House Historian and Genealogical Lecturer who specializes in southern New England research which includes the states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Her particular research interests include early (1700-1850) African Americans in New England.  She is a frequent presenter on Legacy Family Tree Webinars and at conferences, societies and libraries.

Leland Stanford House,
Sacramento, California
Built 1857
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The New England House Historian blog is for everyone, not just those with New England ancestors.  The guidance she provides has broad application.  Here's a sampling of Marian's article titles that could help in creating a house history for, say, the Leland Stanford House (pictured):
Using General Land Indexes
  • How Long Does it Take to Do Deed Research?
  • What Can You Find in Assessors Tax Records?
  • 19th Century Panoramic Maps
Marian authors two other blogs: Marian's Roots and Rambles and The Symbolic Past.  She will be the featured presenter for Legacy Family Tree Webinars in January and February 2013.

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