Thursday, December 22, 2011

Traveling App for iPhones, iPads, & Androids

In my spare time, while looking through all (well alot of them) the "apps" available at the App Store for my iPhone - free and to pay for ones, I came across "It Happened Here" $2.99  Yes, an app  for the iPhones, iPads and the Android phones for traveling. I thought  how exciting, this could be a very helpful tool.

Anyway I began to read about it before I downloaded it...............

"It Happened Here" is THE must have app for locals and visitors alike! The app reveals the hidden secrets of a city by detecting a user's location and highlighting fascinating events that have occuerred nearby. Historical events, memorable movie scenes, famous crimes, and pop culture happenings. Users receive photos and brief, orginal  summaries of hundreds of events.

It Happened Here comes with one city, which you'll choose from among the following:

Boston, MA,
Los Angeles, CA,
New York,  NY,
Philadelphia,  PA,
San Francisco,  CA,
Washington,  DC 

When you travel you can easily purchase a new It Happened Here city from within the app."

And I think it will be very useful if I visit any of these large cities, but the rub is that they only offer 6 city's in the United States and then you only can choose one of the six cities to download. Yes, you have the options later to download at an additional cost another city......... unfortunately for me Sacramento, CA or any of my hometown places in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Connecticut are not offered. Maybe in the future. I downloaded it anyway but have not activated it yet,  I will keep this information in the back of my mind in case I travel to one of these places.

Just thought you would like to know............. 

Have you run across any good apps that would be helpful in traveling and researching? Please share!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Yes travel apps are very useful and help travelers a lot. There are so many good apps available on apple company website.


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