Saturday, December 17, 2011

Party Time for Root Cellar Members

Root Cellar's December Meeting was a holiday celebration. Tables decorated, goodies, coffee & water ready for all to enjoy......... and Santa visited (well, he was one of Santa's many helpers) and lots of helpful elves were on hand.

Glenda Gardner Lloyd gave a good presentation on the importance of a research log with a twist. The twist is keeping track of your many website that you check on all the time. Are you keeping a log of where and when you've been on the web. Time is important, so why not track your websites as well. She handed out a simple tracking form that had a lot of the usual website that we all might haunt (ie:,, and more) and then you add those other websites that you check out regularly that pertain to just your research searches (ie: Ohio Genealogical Society). Glenda, great advice as usual.

We took a break, got a plate of goodies, a cup of hot coffee, or cold flavored water, purchased your raffle tickets AND THEN SANTA BURST IN THE ROOM .......  HO! HO! HO! candy canes for everyone. Now the fun is really beginning and members are anxious to it the raffle going.........  dozens and dozens of large and small wrapped gifts waiting to be won.

Santa and his elves began pulling numbers and giving out gifts to all the winners. Congratulations to everyone. You are all winners....... some brought goodies, some brought gifts and alot bought tickets for the raffle. Thanks to everyone for your support. Like I said you are all winners.

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