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Amanuensis Monday - 1914 Letter from Thomas Brown

I am very fortunate that my grandmother, Ethel May Kendall Hibsch (1899-1988), kept nearly every piece of paper that mentioned a family member.  My fortune continued as her son, my uncle, also kept her treasure trove lo these many years.  On my recent visit to his house, he brought out a small box filled with family memorabilia for me to peruse.  After I stopped drooling, I whipped out my Magic Wand and began scanning.  The letter below was from Thomas Brown (1843-1927) to his daughter, Ida May Brown Kendall (1868-1955), Ethel's mother.  This is my literal transcription.

Thomas Brown Letter 1914
pg 1

Aug the 16th 1914
Morrow Warren Co O
Dear children one and all I wil try to drope you a line Wea are all Wel as couson[?] at this time myrtie is not Very  Wel  at this time I hope this Wil find you all Wel and hardy Wea received yor letter and picturs and I think thay are fine Wea are very proud of them I am proud to have sutch good looking grand children I think Ethel has growd so mutch Wea was Very glad to hear from you all and to hear that you Was all Wel glad to hear from dock poor old mann him and mea are all thar is left of our associate all dead and Wea are still hear I am in my 72ond year But Wea Will soon anser to the last rool call But tell to keep in in good cheer don’t grow Weary he ? to sing that

Thomas Brown Letter 1914
 pg 2
Wel Wea have had it Very dry hear this Summer did not rais Very mutch potatoes not good corn bad oats not good no fruits Joseph D. Brown lives in Lebanon Warren Co, O that is his poste office at this time Write his address Joseph D. Brown Lebanon Warren Co, O Hanah and Joe Stil live in Springfield I have not saw them for a year or more the fair is geinge on thar this Weak Joe Brown has very poor health I has aBout one achor of truck I tended it my self Wea have 5 nice shots for meet come over this [?] and help to [?] [?] Wel Ida no anything of the people in the hills thar is not many of the older ones left give my Best Wishes to Dock I Would love to see you all But it cant Bee you have my Love and Best Wishes Write often and let us no how you are Wea seam to have so many cairs Wee for get to Write often my Love to all Write good By
yor father Thomas Brown

[The following was written at the top of page 1 above the date.]
Wel Ida your pa has told you all news i send you our pictures i am sorry cant send to all of children meby can get som taking for all some day Ethel you and Joe picture ar all right Eva an Joe McMullen Will send thire pictures to you this is all Rebecca Brown

Thomas Brown 1914 Envelope
Envelope, handwritten by Thomas Brown based on the way he wrote the letter “I”:

After 30 days return to
Thomas Brown
R.R. No. 3

[Postmarked Morrow Ohio Aug 17 1914 3pm
Postage 2 cents, stamp is profile of George Washington]

Addressed to
Mrs Ida May Kendall
To Irwindale
Losangeles county
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