Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NARA Citizen Archivist Dashboard Live!

Informaiton through National Genealogical Society (NGS) & National Archives (NARA)website....

Check out this new interactive NARA feature!
More ways of helping transcribe more historical documents. Someday they will all be up online or available through one of the many websites, but it won't happen without everyone helps                                                        

Is this one of your New Years Resolutions for 2012? Think about it.

Volunteers will be able to tag, transcribe and write historical articles about scanned NARA documents.  You will also be able to upload your photos, enter competitions and much more!
NARA initially will put up about 300 documents for transcription. Those documents will be coded green, yellow and red based on their length and how difficult it is to decipher the handwriting. You select the level that best suits your experience! The transcription page will include a simple interface with the original document on one screen and the transcribed version on another, she said, plus a magnifying glass feature for a closer look at obscured words.
The dashboard also will include a link for volunteers to tag words and images in the Archives' massive collection of scanned images making the documents more easily searchable.

 Check out the main page,National Archives Dashboard, click on the various activity links, and spend some time helping “your” National Archives make ever more materials available to researchers!

NOTE: Read about an earlier post on Nextgov newspaper about the impending launch of the Citizen Archivist Dashboard, 
Posted by Sandra Gardner Benward

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