Monday, January 30, 2012

Families App - Monday Mobile

I am so excited because I have found a way to use my NEW iPad and my Legacy Family Tree Software which is PC based together. They say it couldn't be done. I wanted the iPad for many reasons but one was to have my family tree available to me any time........  and I love Legacy Family Tree and didn't want to have to change to another genealogy software. AND I HAVE IT ALL NOW. Yes the little app called "families" sync's with my iPad/iPhone, my computer and my Legacy database. Oh my goodness, I now have Families on my iPhone and my iPad.......  I can edit and add informaiton --  it contains all my family informaiton at my fingertips.

Originally I was looking ahead and wondering how I would handle my family database at RootsTech Conference next week. But while looking through all the upcoming webinars on the Legarcy Family Tree website I came across the webinar about "Genealogy on the Go"......  stopped to read the information and just got so excited. Can this be true? Will this solve my problem? Can this really be true? I am here to tell you it is true. I signed up for the webinar but I didn't want to wait till April so I downloaded the Families app and followed the directions.

I tested it out this past Wednesday when 40plus researchers took a bus ride to Sutro Library in San Francisco. I had both my iPad and iPhone with me armed and ready. IT WORKS!! I can be in the depths of the library looking over some microfilm/fische or documents and not have to go back to my chair and get my computer up and running, start my Legacy program and find the detail informaiton I needed and then go back to the other room and resume again. It was right there at my fingertips......  I can hardly believe it, I am so excited about this for me and I could not wait to share it with you. Now I am really ready for RootsTech, FGS, NGS and other conferences plus just everyday time at the local archives.

Here is the information about the webinar if you are interested. I would send a message to Malcolm Green but there was no email for him yet.....  so maybe I'll send something to Geoff Rasmussen.

$14.99 at the APP Store (and well worth the cost)

Legacy Family Tree  You can read about this post on Lagacy blog thru Geoff Rasmussen 

April 11 Wednesday - 11am Pacific presented by Malcolm Green
Genealogy on the Go - the Families app for your Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Got an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or an Android device? With the "Families" application you can easily transfer your Legacy Family Tree files and pictures from your computer to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android device, enabling them to be viewed and edited wherever you are. Any changes you make on these devices can then be synced back to your Legacy family file. Join the developer of Families, Malcolm Green, for a demonstration of how it all works and what it looks like.

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