Saturday, March 10, 2012

Society Saturday: Writing Contest Mojo

We wrote previously about the 2nd Annual Family History Writing Contest sponsored by Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society.  The August 1st deadline for submissions is really not that far off especially if you are just getting started.  Maybe the following resources will motivate your writing mojo:
  • Producing a Quality Family History: this book by Patricia Law Hatcher is a helpful guide with informative tips on structure, format and industry standards.  Note, the book link connects you to using Root Cellar's shop Amazon affiliate web address.
  • Stories To Tell Books: this website is mostly about writing a family history book but food for thought abounds.  This post offered several techniques that made me think about my writing. Entering "essay" in the search box on the home page resulted in several hits like this one about being a storyteller. 
  • Writing-related blogs: entering the term "writing" in the search  box on GeneaBloggers provided several hits.  Worth roaming around!
  • Cyndi's List: this website is a one-stop shop for all things genealogical.  Writing-related resources were found by clicking on Categories, then "W".
  • Sources: Many resources exist about how to cite your sources.  Take a look at one created by Thomas MacEntee, a handy and free 2-page Genealogy Source Citations Quick Reference in pdf format. 
Okay now, get out your writing tools of choice and begin!  Good Luck!

Do you have any writing advice?  Post a comment below or send to

posted by Denise Hibsch Richmond

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