Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Tips........... Are you an Indexer yet?

Have you registered to help with the 1940 US Census? The 1940 US Federal Census indexing project is the largest most comprehensive and most recent record set documenting the 132 million people living in the United States in 1940.

FamilySearch, Federaation of Genealogical Society(FGS), and other community partners are organizing an effort to index and publish these records online for free.

This is where you come in: I have anwsered the invitation and registered Root Cellar as a participant in the 1940 census indexing project.You as an individual need to register NOW and get involved so that when April 2 comes you will feel comfortable with the 1940 indexing project. The more that index, the less any one person has to do.
Benefits of Participation:  Members of each society know the local names and places in their area better than anyone, and by participating you can ensure the records are indexed with the highest possible quality. Participating in the 1940 census indexing project is also a great way to activate  our society members through a high-visibility and high-interest cause of preserving the records of the "greatest generation". Societies who participate and achieve indexing milestones will receive additional benefits like local publicity, online recognition and access to tools and resources to help their society grow.

Tools to Help
FamilySearch.org will provide each society with information and tools to successfully enroll their society members and others in the indexing project. FamilySearch will provide a getting started kit with all the information you need to recruit and train others for the important initiative. FamilySearch will also offer online webinars and help resources if you have any questions or need additional informaiton. As the project moves forward, FamilySearch will announce contests and other initiatives to motivate members and to provide recognition for that society's efforts.

Next Steps..........   Getting Started information

Let's do this together. Start now, index whatever project you like, get experience, feel more comfortable -- so when April 2 comes you will be prepared & comfortable to begin the 1940 census indexing project.

If anyone needs help registering and d/l the FamilySearch tool please contact us

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