Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family History Expo in Sacramento Wraps Up

I enjoyed the final day at the conference. Many Root Cellar members were in attendance which always makes it nice. My first workshop was with Stephen Morse, who most genealogists are familiar with through his One-Step Webpages ( I caught his second class on DNA entitled "Genealogy Beyond the Y Chromosome: Autosomes Exposed." Very enlightening. I followed up with a heavy dose of James L. Tanner. I had attended one of his workshops on Friday and was very taken with his knowledge and personal delivery. I picked up so much from his first Friday lecture, "Using the Google Gold Mine for Genealogy" that I decided to follow him from classroom to classroom for the remainder of the day. No, I was not stalking, just interested in his topics: "The FamilySearch Research Wiki: The most valuable genealogical resource on the internet" and " for Experienced Users." I was not the only one inspired by Mr. Tanner. His classes were overflowing; people were sitting on the floor or standing for the entire session. Unfortunately, the air conditioning did not function properly in all of the rooms, so it became a test of endurance and desire for people to stay for the entire class. But overall, a good time was had by all and we came away with tricks and tips to immediately try.
Posted by Ron Setzer

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