Saturday, July 14, 2012

Society Saturday - Sacramento County Coroner's Records Collection Completed

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society is very pleased to announce the completion  of the Sacramento County Coroner's Records Collection 1887 - 1969.  The progress of producing this 20 book collection of over 70,000 indexed names was chronicled, in part, here and here.

Every Friday morning for over three years the extraction team lead by Marilyn Ulbricht assembled at the Center for Sacramento History where the records are held.  Each volunteer had a coroner's record book from which entries were extracted. The books were fragile and cumbersome to manage, some measuring nearly 18 inches square. Great care was taken to protect crumbling spines and delicate pages. Pat Johnson, Senior Archivist at the Center, welcomed the volunteers and the extraction project because it will increase public access to the records via published indexes and promote preservation of the actual books by reducing or eliminating handling.
The adage "dead men tell no tales" couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to coroner's records.  Genealogists with kin of all ages and gender who lived in Sacramento County from 1887-1969 could learn valuable clues about their last place of residence, cause of death and more from our newly completed collection. 

Dae Powell, the Shoestring Genealogist, wrote about the types of coroner's records, how to locate them, and online resources.  The article, written in 2007, remains relevant today except for need to add the Sacramento County Coroner's Records Collection to her list of resources!

The books are available for purchase in the Store on our website or by contacting us by email.

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