Friday, July 20, 2012

Hear Yee!! Hear Yee!! Sutro Library about to Re-open

Message from Diana Kohnke / Librarian - California State Library - Sutro Library

The Sutro Library will be re-opening on Wednesday, August 1st. Hours:Monday through Friday 10AM-5PM. 

The staff at Sutro are truly grateful for the patience we have shown during the move to their new location at San Francisco State University. As they have mentioned to most of us, the wait will not have been in vain as the new facilities are top notch, with an abundance of windows and natural lighting.  

Also, their interlibrary loan services are now operational and if we would like to obtain any of their circulating resources we can now do so through our local library. 

In addition to this, for those of us driving our vehicle there, they have provided us with a link below to SFSU's Parking & Transportation website. If you have any further questions about parking or anything else, please call 415-469-6100 or email us 

Contact Information:

Diana Kohnke


California State Library - Sutro Library

J. Paul Leonard Library, Room 610

1630 Holloway Drive

San Francisco, CA 94132-4030


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