Sunday, October 28, 2012

Church Records on Sunday - The Church Newsletter

I have tried and tried to find a record that showed the marriage of my fathers father and mother - my paternal grandparents with nothing to show. John Patterson Gardner and Margaret Evelyn Branfield. Finally I took another chance and wrote again to the church mentioned in their 50th Anniversary Celebration Notice - First Christain Church, 114 Main , Alliance Ohio.

I received a letter back, "Dear Sandi, I was unable to locate a wedding certificate, but we did find an article in our Christain Messenger Newsletter about the wedding. It's in the first column, from September 22, 1911. I hope this helps in some way" Sincerely Bev Keck/ Secretary

What do you mean does this help? Oh my goodness it does. It is one more resource to say YES YES they were married and married here on this day in this place ............. I was so thankful.

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