Monday, October 15, 2012

Military Monday – Sherman F. Snow

On Active Service
with the
American Expeditionary Force

American YMCA
Paris France Nov 11th 1918.

Dear Folks:- 

This morning at sunrise I was in this city on my return to camp and will go out to night. This has been the most wonderful day I ever spent. In fact I suppose it is that to every one but being in a city like this and some thing happens like this is beyond comparison. At 11 oclock no one knew of the armistis being signed, but at 11:30 every one knew it, Church bells began ringing people hollowing and singing was some thing great then the flags were beginning to fly from every window. And the awfulest crowds of people in every way were parading the streets. Bands bombs and every thing else to make a noise was used. A fellow could not hear himself think. 

To go along the walk was a job unless he went with the crowd. Girls and old women would grab and kiss every one in khaki. (To much for me I had to beat it) (foot sweet) But no one could blame them as long as it has gone on. They never believed us when we told them some time ago. (Heaven, hell or Hoboken by Xmas) but now they know it. It came as a surprise to many. 

I can just imagine how every one is rejoicing from the news over there. I’m with every one out side of this I seen some wonderful things this fore noon. I am real tired so will close for now. I feel real good physically. 

Your Son. (Doc) 

Pvt. Sherman F. Snow 
Med. Det 47th Co. 20th Engineers 
American Ex. Forces 
Via. New York. 

Nov. 11th 1918. In Paris, I never will forget. 

Transcribed from a letter written by my maternal grandmother’s brother.
Sherman Franklin Snow was born 19 Jul 1892 in Albany, Gentry County, Missouri to James William Snow and Minerva Simpson Posey Snow. He married Marie Louise Standish 15 Dec 1919 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and died without children 13 Mar 1966 in Whittier, Los Angeles County, California.

Submitted by Denise Miller
Posted by Ron Setzer

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