Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Our American Family" New PBS TV Series

Thomas MacEntee reported on GeneaBloggers that a new series called Our American Family will be on PBS.

Thomas writes "The pilot episode, Our American Family – The Youngs, is about a family in Northern Mississippi as told by the siblings who were born during the 1920s and 1930s...I’m honored to say I’ve been given a sneak preview to the entire 30 minute episode and not only was it thoroughly enjoyable, but it really gave me a sense of what this family endured during the 1900 – 1950 time period. Through re-enactments, voice overs from family members and touching photographs, viewers learn what it was like to raise children during the Great Depression and then send many of them off to war in the 1940s."

This series sounds fascinating but, as Thomas said, it may not be carried on all PBS stations.  I checked my local PBS website (KVIE Sacramento) but did not find the series in a search.  So, I sent them an email requesting the series be aired.  Check your local PBS listings and call or email them as necessary.  Take this opportunity to advocate for more awareness of genealogy and family history within the general public.

posted by Denise H. Richmond

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