Saturday, December 14, 2013

Society Saturday - Publications, Publications, Publications

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner Benward

Check us out we have been extracting for almost all of our 35 years..........  with very few exceptions, we meet Friday mornings at 9am till noon at the Center of Sacramento History to extract.
Happy times!!


                                           Introducing our fearless leader Marilyn Ulbricht
Anyone that has done any extraction knows that the project is not done when you finish the extraction. Now it needs to be proofed, (like Marilyn is doing in the picture above) and depending on what the project is, how complex or lengthy it may need another proofing. After that is completed the finish detail work begins. Questions to ask: Are you putting it up on the website for all to use, if so do you have room on the website or will you need to store it in dropbox or another storage area; are you putting it into a paper form to distribute or/and sell, who is doing the copy work?; are you going to scan it and run it through a program like to store and to sell? 
So with input from the committee and board members, this is what Marilyn does after these questions are answered. She goes way above and beyond to make each publication the best it can be. Publications for sale now.

Here is Toni Ryan and Linda Johnson (and Debora Sharpless, Diane Alaskin, Ruth Barton, Linda Wensrich, LuEllen Pentengell-  not pictured) working on their project boxes with    
                       "Sacramento County Coroner Inquest Records"  1850 - 1978.


Billie Helms also working on her project box with the
               "Sacramento County Coroner Inquest Records"  1850 - 1978.


                                              Charlene Eberwine  working on the volume of the

                              Sacramento County Sheriff' Mug Books

Sandra Benward and Lois Shumaker (not pictured) are working on the "City of Sacramento Records of Death and Internments" - 3 volumes1921-1925, 1925-1929and 1941-1944 

If you have an interest in helping please contact Marilyn     

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