Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishful Wednesday - Merry Christmas

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward, photos from member Judy Nissila

 Merry Christmas Around the World

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society celebrated the season with their annual Holiday Party. It is a celebration, a learning session, a fund raiser and so much fun with others of like mind.

Root Cellar SGS asks its members to bring a plate of sweets to share, the organization purchases a festive cake, coffee and punch. Usually our resident teacher Glenda Gardner Lloyd gives a short learning session and this year is no exception "Periodicals" Thank You Glenda. And last but most important for the organization, we ask our members to bring a wrapped gift (or two) - genealogy related but not necessarily, to be raffled off. So members have three ways of helping the organization, they can bring the gifts to be raffled off, or they can buy the raffle tickets to win the the donated gifts or they can do both. Most members choose to do both ............ and several members bring many wrapped gifts. Thanks to all. It makes for a super fundrasier for the library and for other activities the Society is involved in.
It is a fun night, it is fun to have a social time to talk with others, to renew friendships, and to make new friends. I hope that you will enjoy the following pictures from the evening........
I am very thankful this year........we have a wonderful place to meet this year. Christ Community Church, 5025 Manzanita Drive, Fair Oaks, California. We have a spacious room, great lighting, a wall of windows, heat and air, wifi available, microphone & speakers, overhead, pull down screen, and they set up/break down the room for us. And look for this month they have also included several decorated Christmas Trees and decorations along the window sills. As you can see the gifts that were donated by our members on both sides and behind Diane Maltese our President 

IF you were at the Holiday Party you would recognize Marsha and Diane as the elves for the evening. Great Job ladies. Marsha is our current publicity chair.


Refreshment table was decorated and full of goodies. OMG and oh so good. All sorts of goodies. Members are very generous and creative. And you can see the Society cake right in the middle. (story behind the cake: October we celebrated 35 years as a society with cake and matching cupcakes. All cupcakes were eaten and the cake remainded uncut. So a generous member wrapped it up and froze it and so you see it again in December - it is gone this time) 
Special thanks to Fran Marlow for , decorating, coodinating, setting up the refreshments tables and then cutting the cake and serving it. Fran is alwasy the hostess.  (sorry no picture of Fran)
Of course the evening would not be complete without our resident teacher Glenda Gardner-Lloyd (first President of the Society and continues to participate in many ways  - teaching and is our Parlimentarian).
The presentation tonight was about Periodicals, what are they, what is contained in them, where to find them, and good sources of past periodicals. Big Thanks for Glenda.
And now for our guests............ we got pictures of almost everyone before the batteries 'died' Don't forget to check out the background of the pictures too.

Thank You to Judy Nissila for the pictures we have 




When I got home, I put together a short video for you...... I know that you were curious about what was in some of those packages, what kind of gifts did I receive? (....and so now I can imagine some of the many gifts that John, Billie, Carolee, Judy and others received.) Yes it only takes one ticket to win but since many of us  each bought $20 worth we did shamelessly win our share. Unfortunately, I spent quite a bit of time trying to upload my short video without any luck. Sorry. So here goes

  • one was a darling ceramic gingerbread house with a small candle in back
  • a vanilla scented candle in a glass container (I love gingerbread and vanilla scents......  thank you  
  •  two wonderful ceramic santa tree ornaments  I LOVE THEM.
  • a tin can of creme de Pirouline-  rolled wafer chocolate hazelnut - oh my goodness!
  •  large box of chocolate covered cookies - I will try to share them but ..........
  • a sweet miniture birdhouse candle
  • one package had three parts to it.......  box of CD's (great for recording family information and storing pictures), a zippered pouch to store the CD's and a wonderful 3-1 touch stylus, LED light, and a writing pen
  • a wonderful hand made 3 hanger plaque used for many different types of items from clothes to jewelry to crafts.....  thank you Billie
  • and last a delicious plateful of fudge with the recipe "YES RECIPE INCLUDED!" Big thanks to Glenda - ooops all gone
 Thanks to everyone for their thoughtfulness and generousity with their donations - gifts and food.
Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays

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