Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Workday Wednesday - VOTE on Your Break or Lunchtime

Editor's note:  Todays post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward  & graphics from the ABA website &  Dick Eastmans Blog

I really wanted to pass this onto all our members and guests ......  this is a timely post ending Friday December 20th but I feel it is important to get the word out there, take some pride and have some fun along the way.

Vote For Your Favorite Genealogy Legal Blog

Blawg100I have featured articles and items from time to time from the Legal Genealogist blog.........  items that might affect you and I as family researchers. It is important that we all keep up with these items and take action when needed to protect and keep our documents open to us.

So that being said, let us have some fun and go and vote for our favaorite Legal Genealogy Blog             "Legal Genealogist" blog. So you can get to the voting from the link above or go straight to the American Bar
ABA voting site 

You will be asked to register. It is free, painless and it helps it keep everything on the up and up - no voting more than once. But you can vote for up to 13 blogs. I only care about the Legal Genealogist and getting her recognition in the Legal world for family researchers all over the globe. Judy Russell does an excellent job keeping us updated of any news - good or bad.

So register and then you will be faced with many categories to choose from. Click on  NICHE, scroll down till you see the Legal Genealogist. There is a box in the upper left hand corner. The top of the box has a question mark and says "votes" and the lower part says "Vote Now". CLICK on the Vote Now. Thank You.

You may want to browse the other blogs and categories.

Reminder the deadline to vote is Friday, December 20, 2013

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