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Following Family Friday - Genealogy 201 -

It is that time of year for our regular Genealogy 10 week classes to begin. The classes are through the Sunrise Tech Center - Citrus Heights CA  with our own Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society member, Glenda Gardner Lloyd (no relation darn it !!) ........  it is a long day for Glenda since she has the beginners in the morning and intermediate group in the afternoon. Both sessions are totally full - surprise, surprise!!

My first class was this past Friday Afternnon. Time to settle down, and start focussing on MY family research. This year we are to select one family and concentrate on them as the weeks go by.  I am going to put my main line - GARDNER - aside and focuss on my maternal side starting with my mom, LITTLE (Cuba, Allegany, NY), grandmother BRISTOL(Cortland, Cortland, NY), and great grandmother  SHEERAR (NY). The SHEERAR line I have done a little with but I want to completely explore now.

First week is to make sure that we have found ALL U.S. Census, including State Census if any (and yipppey there are some for New York) and transcribe each of them. Transcribing each one helps you to see all information. It ensures that you have had to write each piece of information. Besides the transcribing,  we need to make notes any information that would led to other documents (i.e. occupation: farmer; need to check the Agriculture Census).

One, two, three GO!!!

Well so far I found the 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 US Census......  Still need 1840, 1850,1860 & 1920 plus farm/ agriculture schedules

1870 US Censes: Cortlandville City, Cortland County, New York 9 June 1870
             Ambroid SHEERAR 35 Farmer Real Estate/$10,000 Personal/$2,000  B: New York
                 wife Rachael 25 Housekeeping/ B: New York
1880 US Census: Virgil City, Cortland County, New York  4 June 1880
              A.M. SHEERAR 45 Farmer  B: New York  parents born in New York
                 wife Rachael M, 35 Housekeeping B: New York   father b: New York mother: England
                 son  Fred A. M. 9 b: New York
                 daughter: Anna P 5 b: New York
                 daughter: Emma M  2 b: New York

1900 US Census: Virgil City, Cortland County New York  2 June 1900
.....................finds daughter Anna SHEERAR married to John E. BRISTOL with their own daughter Emma Bristol (eventually my grandmother)

1900 US Census, Virgil City, Cortland County, New York 21-22 June 1900                 
             Ambroid SHEERAR (b: Jun 1833) 66 y Married 35 y Farmer - Owned Home/ Mortgage/  Farm  see farm schedule 235  b: New York  can read/ write & speak English
                  wife Rachael  (b:Apr 1846) 54y Married 35 y b: New York (and parents)
                      3 children/2living  can read write & speak English

1910 US Census: Virgil Town, Cortland County, New York  26-27 Apr 1910
               A. A. SHEERAR  76  m1/45 Farmer/General Farm  b: New York
                  wife Rachel W.  65 m1/45 3children/2 living  b: New York father/NewYork mother/ England

I believe A. SHEERAR died in 1912 so 1910 will be the last US Census for him. However, Rachael lived until 1924. Still looking for this1920 Census  and also still looking backward at the 1860, 1850, 1840 US Census. I know there is also a farm/agriculture schedule for the 1900 but hope there is one for 1910, 1880, 1870.

Do you need a jump start? How about doing this together.... Who are you researching? Have you found all the Census records for all your family's? Have you transcribed each one? comments? suggestions?

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