Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

Happy New Year
Welcome to the newest year ever - 2013!!

What are your genealogical goals for this year? Anything specific? What help do you need? What trips do you need to make? Who do you need to talk to before that person is no longer available to you? Have your transcribed that last interview with "Aunt Mable" so that you know you understand what was said? Have you updated your computer program so that you know what you have and what you actually need? Do you have that timeline complete so you know what you need? Did you find that living cousin (5th cousin 3 times removed)? Did you order those DNA test or is that something you will order in this  NEW YEAR? Did you talk about family story's with your brother/sister over the holdiays? Why not? Did you write down the family stories that were told over the holdiay season. Did you get that Family book made last year? Maybe this NEW YEAR will be the year.

After all it is a NEW YEAR and a new beginning and a chance to start a new line or continue one or complete one........ 

New Year - New Beginnings
                      Where are you going to begin this year? 


  1. Grant, thanks for reading the blog, we look forward to getting your comments in 2013. --Denise Richmond

  2. My 2013 genealogy-related goals:
    1. Finish re-creation of Sierra County CAGenWeb website.
    2. Standardize my source record descriptions (Reunion 10).
    3. Visit all the Sierra County (Calif.) museums for a week during summer.
    4. Finish my family dairy in Galt book.
    5. Spend a lot of time on EasyNetSites tasks.

  3. HNY Richard, thanks for adding a comment on this post. Your goals are substantive and I wish you well in accomplishing them! --Denise Richmond


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