Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tech Tuesday........ Isn't it wonderful? !!

Isn't it wonderful that you can sign up and take a class (webinar) online while sitting at home in front of your computer...  it is amazing!!
Here are only a few of the upcoming FREE classes from the Webinar Extension Series from Southern California Genealogical Society. You can go yourself to their website and view their other webinars that will offered this year. You can register anytime, but I would register at least a couple of days before the webinar.

Saturday, February 2
Digital Organization for Documents and Photos  - Eric Basir

Wednesday, February 20
No Will? No Problem - Michael John Neill

And two sessions each month throughout the year.

Sign up today and please share this invitation with your friends, genealogical society members and cousins.

As a reminder, the live webcast is free to anyone who registers. One of the benefits to joining this society is the ability to watch FREE each of the webinars after they have been archived.
posted to help you learn and grow in your own research by Sandra Gardner Benward

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