Friday, April 12, 2013

Follow Friday - Indexing Indexing Indexing

Don't abandon INDEXING continue to follow your Root Cellar team - sign on and help ....... this is something that you can do anytime, anywhere, dressed however you want. You can even do it in bed, drinking champagne (this might help those letters to pop out better or NOT) and eating strawberries and chocolate.......  convinced yet??

Just a reminder that even though the "1940 US Census Records" are completely indexed and are searchable doesn't mean that you are no longer needed to help. There are hundreds of projects on that need you attention, your help, your time. Look at see what is available. You can do California Records, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida or whatever is available but if you want you can do any records that are available from all over the world. (If you are blessed with speaking/reading/writing more than one language your skills are truly valuable and can help others in other countries as well. Continue to maintain those skills and use them on a regular basis by indexing)

INDEXING ...  this is a great way of keeping that beautiful brain of yours active and alert.

Root Cellar's indexing team is still intact and most are active. Did you know we have our own team? You can be on the team and work on whatever project you would like. If you want to try your hand at it and don't know where to start contact Sandi Gardner Benward

Remember that these records only become available with your help. [I hope that there is someone in Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio; Allegheny(Pittsburgh), Allegheny Co., PA; New Haven, New Haven, CT; Cuba, Allegany Co., NY is doing the same thing so I might find my elusive anscestors - their immigration records, naturalization records, probate records, simple B,M &D records. I thank you now. In turn I am working very hard getting Sacramento County Records indexed, and any other California record for you.

Go to FamilySearch click on INDEXING (across the top of your screen) click on GET STARTED. A new screen will come up - click on DOWNLOAD NOW and follow instructions...... You are downloading a separate program that will deposit a new icon on your desktop. This icon is where you will go to begin your indexing life. Please contact me if you need assistance. Once you understand what the icon is, the program is that you are using and how to move around, how to find the project to index you will feel comfortable. If you go back to the original page on FamilySearch under Indexing - instead of clicking on Get Started look over the rest of the page for help and support.

Good Luck .........  let me know when you are on and up and running. I would love to have you join our society team - but still only an option.

posted in hopes that you will sign up - Sandra Gardner Benward

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  1. Fantastic post! There is also no time commitment for volunteering. You can do it while you eat one strawberry or ten or twenty. Every record counts!

    Take a look at our indexing counter to see how many records are being completed right now: We are days away from hitting 1 billion!

    The counter shows arbitrated records submitted, which means these records have been through the whole process of being indexed twice and then arbitrated.

    Thank you for spreading the word about indexing and for your society's participation!


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