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Travel Tuesday "Family History Expo in Sacramento, California"

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner Benward

                           2013 Family History Expos                             
Northern California Family History Expo June 28 & 29, 2013

You have to know that the weather was in the 100 degree temps both days, thank goodness we were inside most of the time. However I don't think the air conditioning kept up with the weather outside, a little humid and sometimes stagnant air, but as the day went on the air was fresher and cooler, and then some were seen putting on a light sweater (can't win either way!!).

This was a 2 day conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel off Madison Ave, Sacramento. Lots of blue shirted Root Cellar SGS members were spotted.

Target in Sacramento donated bags for all the goodies and paperwork for this conference. Thanks.     I did order a paper syllabus and each participant received the syllabus on CD.
But wait, this was a GREAT deal.......  the syllabus of course contains all the handouts for this two day conference, but it also includes all the handouts from the Colorado Family History Expo (August 2-3, 2013) & the Midwest Family History Expo (September 6-7, 2013) & the Family History Library Research Retreat (April & October 2013). Both the paper syllabus and the CD contain all these handouts. Great deal? I would say OUTSTANDING! Thanks Holly. 

One of the Exhibitors: Genealogical & Historical Council of Sacramento Valley, there are flyers & other handouts from many of  the Society's that are members of the Council. Root Cellar SGS is one of those members. Root Cellar displayed the Golden Triangle Flyer, our Publication Flyer, 2014 Spring Seminar Flyer with Geoff Rasmussen/ Millennia Legacy Family Tree,             
and our own membership tri-fold brochure.
Also included on the table is Family History Day 2013 flyers [save the date October 12, 2013], Roseville Genealogial Society brochures, Sacramento Jewish Society brochures and lots of great flyers from the Sacramento Public Library. 
                                             Say HI to Beth Daugherty, Sacramento Public Library, who took care of the Council table on Friday and Gwen Meyers, President of Council and member of the Sun City Genealogy Group, who took care of the Council table on Saturday. Thank You.

These are only three of many types of family history charts that were available. I love the variety.  These are medium size wall charts.....  of course there are some charts that are as big as your living room wall and some that are very small - say as a personaliozed gift to that special young person.
The ChartMasters, Inc another exhibitor at the conference offered a free FILLED IN chart for every participant. But of course you needed to make contact with them ahead of the conference and send them your family information. Participants picked them up after registration of Friday.
What a great opportunity and I forgot.

What a difference in food and food service between this year and last year. Last year it was a disaster. Last year their restaurant was full and over half of them never received their food before the conference continued. Not a good thing at all...   This year they were prepared and ready and they did an OUTSTANDING job.  They were ready on Friday with a great $10 Italian buffet dinner which included cheescake for desert plus ice tea and ice water. AND on Saturday they offered a Mexican $10 buffet lunch including desserts, ice tea & water. Excellent food and value.

Friday started off with registration and then an Opening Key Note Speaker, James L Tanner. He spoke about "Top 10 Techniques: Fishing for Ancestors and other Persons of Interest" Tanner is actively involved in genealogical research, is the blogger for Genealogy's Star Blog. A featured blogger at RootsTech 2011 & 2012. He is on the support staff of the FamilySearch Research Wiki and is moderator for Arizona and Utah. He is the author of The Guide to FamilySearch Online (which is already outdated- he is working on the update).

There were two classes I took on Friday that were just painful so that is all that I need to say about that. 

I did take a class from Stephen P Morse PhD. You recognize that name - creator of the One Step Website, for which he has received numerous awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award. In his other life he is a computer professional with a doctorate degree in electical engineering. He is best known as the architect of the Intel 8086, which sparked the PC revolution 30 years ago.  This session was: "One Step Webpages: A Hodgepodge of Lesser-Known Gems -- working with time intervals, tombstone dates, fallen soldiend in foreign alphabets, table lookups, number decoding and more.

Another session that was good and informative was "FamilySearch Catalog-Key to the Collections" with Sharon D Monson. Locating available books, microfilms, microfiche for a certain place or subject depends on the depth of the catalog search criteria. Thousands of books are now online and may have updated indexes. Filter your searches to save time and effort with the great tips on how to use the catalog. Thanks.

Saturday was another full day of classes......... disappointment right off the bat with a speaker left late Friday for a Family Emergency.  I hope all is well for Mr Underhill. I was looking forward to another session about "EVERNOTE" - another time.

"Moving on Downstream- Early US Migrations" with K Monson, MEd........  went over a number of early migration routes, why did they leave their homes in the old country & come to the Americas,

The Three Musketeers (Marilyn, Charlene and Sandi) attended the "Presentation is Everything" Well it really sounded good. This will take a little learning curve and time so we'll see if any of us follow up on it.

James Tanner gave a presentation on "Family Tree has replaced New FamilySearch. Are you ready?'
Mr Tanner gave a great history of the website and what the goals were and how they have changed. As you will see the home page of the FamilyTree has changed, more updated look. All information is still there.

Something I have not seen before was several session for Chinese Research with Sheau-yueh (Janey) Chao. I did not attend any of them but was glad to see new areas being explored. She is a Professor and an Librarian, Head of Cataloging in the Williamd & Anna Newman Library of Baruch College City University of New York.

AND our own James Rader taught several classes in DNA. He isa civil engineer, computer programmer & adult education instructor. AND James M Baker, PhD, CG was teaching several classes in German research. He has a PhD in socialogy and retired from the aerospace industry. He is a certified genealogist (CG) with specialities in German and Midwest US research.

AND of course there was the Closing Notes with the President of Family History Expos HollyT. Hansen, BA. .....  If I do say so myself this is MY year.........

I WON!!  YES! I WON!! 
What did I win? A $500value Gift Certificate from Arlene Eakle, Genealogical Institute Inc.
YES, some professional help with my research. Can you believe that? It is true and I am so excited............             Read about an opportunity for a Reseach Grant worth $400

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