Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mystery Monday - DNA, received the results ...what about it? what next?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

DNA research - so you get the kit, swab and send it in, and the information comes back..... AND NOW WHAT? WHAT to do now? It makes no sense at all............  

I have done testing for myself, one of my sons, and my brother. I would also like to test my other son and my mother. I am also going to New York in July and want to get my first cousin on my mothers side tested,  but then I ask why? WHY?? There are emails alerts coming to me about matches but they don't make much sense. I don't see the connections. What am I missing? 

I have done the mtDNA and autosomal for myself, the yDNA test for my son and my brother. It is like Greek /Italian /Chinese.......  nonsense! Why is this so hard to understand? Each year I learn just a little bit more but can't seem to grasp the whole idea - just bits and pieces at a time. When I attend a DNA session, it seems to make some sense but when I go to apply it to my own 'numbers' there is no sense, no rhyme or reason. 

But that being said, I went down to the Sacramento Downtown Central Library to attend the DNA session with Jim Radar earlier today. Beth Daughtery the organizer, always puts together great programs, that are helpful, informative and they are always well attended. Today was no exception. Thank You Beth. 

Jim had an updated presentation ready, after announcements and introductions he started off with questions. And that is almost all he did the whole time was to answer questions. Yes he did show several short videos and a couple of slides with information and comparisons but the best part of the hour and a half were the questions from the audience, Jim answering and others giving more information and more questions. This was really worth the time. We all got to ask the questions we had, he could see what we wanted to know and everyone was happy. Jim will be coming back in September for part two of his DNA presentation. Wonder how far he will get in that presentation, GREAT JOB JIM!! After today, I do know that I will stay with FamilyTreeDNA. But as Jim says you test for what you want to find out. The top three company's are FamiyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA, & 23 & Me with a fourth Britian'sDNA. As Jim says,  "you should fish in all three ponds to get the best results.....You never know where those elusive descendants tested".  Now I am looking for any first cousins carrying the GARDNER name to get tested. (I have found two, but are they still alive and where are they- it is never easy) 

Jim gave a similar presentation at RootsTech2014 in Salt Lake City- so we can actually hear what he was going to tell us today & more .........I believe we got a really good deal today....  his original video from RootsTech is available to listen and watch anytime - click here: Intro to DNA for Genealogists (60m) with Jim Radar.....  once you get to this page to watch this video check all the other videos that are also available to watch anytime you want .  A very big Thank you to Jim and to RootsTech ...... there is hope! 

I have also signed up for DNA DAY at the Southern California Jamboree in Burbank, California in July. I am looking forward to that too. There is a special breakout at the end of the day where you can meet with company representatives and ask questions (and hopefully get answers that I understand) 

My son, Jason wants to be more involved with his DNA testing and wants me to instruct him. OH BOY, maybe between the two of us we can come out on the positive side and make some sense of it all.........  and make it work for us. 

All my testing has been through FamilyTree DNA. The data base is large and growing all the time. I have tried to go through the reading material online but I don't seem to understand what I am reading. I will be looking for a deal on kits at the Jamboree.......  one for my mom/ family finder. And then I may check out AncestryDNA and 23 & ME. One step at a time. 

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  1. Thank you, Sandi - I'm glad you could come. I'm hoping that DNA testing will become more clear to me with time! - Beth

  2. Thanks Beth. I had a great time and learned some too. I am also hoping that listening, reading and attending session will help me understand DNA better.


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