Thursday, May 22, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday - The Preserves

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society, like a lot of societies around the country, puts out  a society publication called "The Preserves" three times a year. In recent years, our society, like most have stressed over the cost of putting out a good quality publication and balancing the cost too. We, like many, have finally gone from a paper copy to one that is digital and only available online. We still exchange with other society's and libraries but it is digital now. 

A plus for digital copy is that it can be whatever length you want. Another is you can also publish in color or black and white. Of course the cost goes down by hundreds of dollars per issue. These are all great pluses. AND it allows a greater freedom and a lot more creativity for the editor. 

At our May General Meeting we concentrated on the Preserves........below is our current issue.  
They went into the history of the Preserves, how it was created, what does into putting out a copy. The periodical was called From the Shelves of Root Cellar in the beginning. Beginning in January 1983, Volume 5, #2, the periodical was called Root Cellar Preserves, meaning the verb to gather and preserve, and the noun to can and store.

The periodical changed from 4 issues a year, a quarterly, to 3 issues a year several years ago. 

Carolee showed members how to access the members-only section so they can download the latest issue or any issue. 

YES any issue...... Ron Setzer & John Jay have just completed a high priority project.......  John scanned in all back Preserves (starting in 1979 to current) and Ron digitized them and put them up in the members only section of our website. Big thanks to Ron Setzer and John Jay for all their efforts and many hours of work. 

Glenda gave a little bit of history for the Preserves. The Preserves have had many editors over the years. Doe Bayless         Vol. 1, #1 – Vol. 3, #2  Jan. 1979
Joyce Buckland    Vol. 3, #3 – Vol. 5, #4
Doreen Carlson    Vol. 6, #1 – Vol. 8, #3
Mary Anne McDaniel   Vol. 9, #1 – Vol. 16, #4
Cecilia Michael    Vol. 17, #1 – Vol. 20, #4
Cecilai Michael & Leora Matranga    Vol. 21, #1
Valerie Hawkins   Vol. 21, #2 through Vol. 23, #3
Joanne Burkett     Vol. 24, #1 – Vol. 26, #2
Note: (Vol. 26, #1 & #2 were actually done by Mary Anne Smith.  Joanne had not formally resigned.  Mary Anne left Joanne’s name on for several issues and Mary Anne was never formally appointed as Editor.)
Mary Anne Smith     Vol. 26, #3 – Vol. 32, #2
Our current editor, Ron Setzer, was responsible for Vol 32, #3 - present.(June 2014).  Ron is retiring after the June 1 edition comes out. He has done an excellent job and has taken our publication to new heights - digital & color. Thank You so much for all the hours and love you have put into each publication. 

                             BIG DRUM ROLLLLLLLLLL PLEASE 

Long time member, Lois Shumaker, will be stepping into the Preserves Editors shoes starting in July. Anyone that would like to be involved with the Preserves or has some ideas about the Preserves please feel free to contact Lois and discuss it with her. 

Welcome and thank you Lois.  

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