Saturday, July 5, 2014

Society Saturday- This is a Test. Remember this is a Test. A DNA Test.

Editor's note: Today's post was edited by Sandra Gardner-Benward  but written by Jim Radar  

Root Cellar SGS is sponsoring a 3 month series on DNA, led by our own Jim Radar. The program will be held during our regular monthly Workshop........  1-3pm, third Wednesday at the Sylvan Community Center, Citrus Heights. Visitors are welcome.

June's session was very successful and well attended. Attendee's got their questions answered. I believe those that attended were happy when they left. Thank You Jim........  Jim has given us an outline of what he would like to cover in the coming couple of months.

Join Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society
for the 3 summer workshops
  • Wed June 18-     2- 3pm    
  • Wed July 16        1- 3pm  
  • Wed August 20   1-3pm  

......each month you will have the advantage of asking questions and getting answers from our expert resident on DNA - Jim Rader.

NOTE: If you can make the time please watch the two following FREE webinars before the meeting
    1. Bennett Greenspan   The Future of Genetic Genealogy  
Once upon a time, the idea of using DNA to solve genealogical mysteries seemed like science fiction. Now many genetic genealogists have become citizen scientists. Y-DNA and mtDNA have moved on to the next generation, and autosomal and X-DNA have become powerful tools in many genealogists' tool kits. 
What does the future of genetic genealogy hold?

    2. Jim Rader’s video from RootsTech 2014, Intro to DNA for Genealogists    

What about Y-DNA?  What is the advantage? What is the process?
        1. Do your research to your great great grand parents
        2. Do reverse genealogy and find all living descendants of your 16 great great grandparents
        3. See if FamilyTreeDNA has a surname study for each of your surnames, if they don’t, start one. If they do, join it.
             a. Select 3 (or more) male descendants who have the surname you are studying   and get them 37 marker Y-DNA tested - that will give the Y DNA of 8 of your surnames. (and of course you can always join more than one surname - after all we all have more than one surname you are researching)
        4. STR Y-DNA 67 or 111 or Big Y will be there to help you split the surname groups apart if you have a problem. (and if you need this sentence translated, come and ask) 

How to get your sources documented and then do reverse genealogy all in one process.
   1. Join (monthly membership $19.99, 6 months $99) or purchase FamilyTreeMaker with subscription included.
   2. Purchase FamilyTreeMaker

               Essentials 2014 $39.99 1-Month subscription to included

               Deluxe 2014 $53.55  3-Month subscription to Included

               Platinum 2013  $99.99  6-Month subscription to Included

  3. Create a Gedcom with your Data from your program and import it into FamilyTreeMaker. Easy process. 

  4  follow all of the hints until the sources are added, using proper form, and also add the image of the source to your file

P.S. I really can't recommend this series enough....... come, take advantage of the information, of Jim's experience, interact with others, educate yourself and learn how to use this new tool - DNA - with the rest of your paper trail of your research. DNA research only works with your regular research - they work hand in hand. See you in July

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