Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Tips - "Share the Wealth" - Building a Resource Center

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

What is Share the Wealth? Several years ago Root Cellar SGS started a new program on our website that was suggested by one of our members - Lynne Roberts. She took the lead, asked for help and input, the project  began and took on a life of its own. Thank You Lynne!

Lynne began with one state and tried to find out useful research resources. Yes, it was a simple collection of URL's but all in one place for the use of all its members. One by one the states became alive with lots of interest from our members. She completed the 50 states and went on to do the same thing for many countries around the world.

Unfortunately when we changed servers we lost the files. I believe we could recreate it again, but you would actually have to go back to the beginning and make sure all the links still work. You know technology, it does not stand still, it keeps moving forward whether we want it to or not. But what a waste of research information!!

But maybe this will help to stimulate organizations in other states & cities (i.e.Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York) to put up a similar areas on their websites - a complete set (or as complete as possible) of research resources in their local area. We can certainly locate resources for the State and major cities easy enough but those smaller towns, villages and rural areas? ......  what a great resource to others!

Now all that being said.........  we are starting to build up our research resources on our new website. Click on  LINKS - there is a nice search feature. You can narrow your search down to one subject or look at the entire database. Visit us and see what we have so far......  then you need to come back over and over because this is an ongoing project, always adding new URL's. If you have a special interest that is not included drop us a note.  

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