Friday, September 12, 2014

Follow Friday : Spending Saturday in Berkeley with CGS & NEHGS

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner Benward

New England Historical and Genealogical Society out of Boston Massachusetts has come west again. They are partnering with the California Genealogical Society out of Oakland to bring us this event. I for one am thrilled, Although I am looking forward to going there one day.  But this a great alternative for now,

In Sacramento I took the Amtrak to Richmond, and the BART System from Richmond to Downtown Berkley, Pretty quick ride all things considered. The BART station is directly across the street from the Hotel Shattuck, couldn't ask for anything more perfect. They say there is parking but very limited so I decided to take the Amtrak/ Bart down down and back home tomorrow evening.

I have already run into our own Lois Shumacher (you know, our new Preserves Editor) with her friend from Grass Valley. I went for a short walk around the block, An interesting mix of people  and businesses. Bought some pop and came right back to the hotel. Berkeley streets have not changed in the past 50 years ,,.. lots of characters young and old, stoned and not, some sleeping on the sidewalk, others just hanging out, and others trying to survive, and still others have their guitars and other instruments out playing and singing for their next meal, for their next dollar. A guy pushing a baby stroller that was completely filled with probably everything he owned plus a huge grey striped cat purring away on top of it all- thank goodness no baby. This all brings me back to days after high school and into college. PEACE MAN!

Registering and coming to this event was the first time I had ever heard of the Hotel Shattuck but then two weeks ago on "Who Do You Think You Are?" with Kelsey Grammer there we were looking at documents about his family with Kelsey from the Hotel Shattuck from I believe the 1920's - 1930's.. Gosh what a small world. Now I am staying in the same hotel.

FYI: Just a little history..........  the hotel was selected and build on the corner of Shattuck & Allston in Berkeley after the 1906 earthquake and opened its doors in December 1910. It is built in the mission style which represents California's  Architectural heritage. It was build by a Francis Kittredge Shattuck, William Hillegass & George Blake. An annex was started in 1914 which increased the hotel's size by 400%  adding 120 guestrooms. The hotel has changed hands several times and a name change also - Whitecotton Hotel. But the name change back fairly soon. In 2007 the Hotel Shattuck Plaza was purchased, it was closed for over a year while undergoing an extensive multimillion dollar renovation, Now it is an upscale boutique hotel within a historic building. On my walk around the block of the hotel I did notice the familiar names of streets- Kittredge & Shattuck for just a couple (sorry for the blurry picture)

 But when you enter the hotel you are greeted with very white and black decor. Very upbeat. The experience starts when you enter the  - it doesn't move till you enter your door card. Then when entering your room, the lights and a/c - heat will not work till you again enter your room card in a card dock on the wall........... Just a little different.  I love the colors of the different carpet and walls, so I took pictures of them.............  This is part of the main floor leading out to an interior outside patio.

This is my favorite...... colorful carpet/ white walls
This is my floor outside my room......... the others are on my floor too but down the next hallway and etc etc,

Tomorrow will be a full day of sessions. I am excited to have the opportunity to mingle and talk with and ask questions of the representatives of the NEHGS - Chris Child and Alice Kane.

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